Microtex Forklift Batteries

Traction battery - Semi Traction battery - EV battery

Microtex traction batteries

We offer the complete range of Traction, Semi Traction & EV Batteries available worldwide

Designed by Dr Wieland Rusch of Germany – Manufactured with precision and pride in India, we make the complete battery and all its components in house ensuring high level of quality without having to depend on outside vendors.

High performance deep cycle lead acid batteries for the forklift industry in the complete range of BS & DIN Designs of traction batteries for forklifts from 42Ah to 1550Ah in bolt on & weldon versions -with auto water filling systems
Microtex Stacker batteries offer high reliability with superior performance characteristics. You get a battery designed to outlast & perform

Traction Battery for Forklifts, Stackers, Forktrucks, Scissor lifts, Reach trucks, Lift trucks, battery operated pallet trucks and other material handling equipment manufacturers.

Microtex is the leading manufacturer and distributor of traction batteries in India. Our state-of-the-art lead acid batteries designs, ensure a rugged, deep cycle battery and are built to last for many years with trouble-free performance.

Microtex EV batteries for Golf carts keeps your carts moving longer distances. Regularly exported, Microtex Golf cart batteries offer better deep cycling capabilities and recovers quickly from deep discharges. Available in the internationally standard sizes and capacities. Readily available.

Deep Cycle Mining Locomotive batteries are used for driving the mining locomotives. Microtex mining locomotive batteries are proven and reliable in deep underground mining environments, where failure is not acceptable. These lead acid batteries are safe for use in underground mines.

Microtex offers high performance deep cycle batteries for electric cars like Reva * cars (* Disclaimer: Reva is not a brand of Microtex. And Microtex has no connection with Reva)
6v 240Ah  in heavy duty hi performance tubular plate batteries with good charge acceptance after a deep discharge. 
Microtex EV battery – the answer to Reva* car battery requirements of a steady source of reliable power.
Built with Microtex research and experience, it is a rugged and strong battery, to give huge savings to the Golf cart owner. Designed for longer distances, with very low maintenance.
Microtex Boom Lift Battery with tubular plate technology for Heavy Duty lifting applications. The High Power lead acid batteries come with exclusive features to meet the demanding conditions for Lifting heavy loads. Lift batteries are manufactured using state of the art techniques and quality components, materials for reduced maintenance and extended battery life.

Our E Rickshaw batteries will keep your erickshaw moving greater distances! With unique less watering feature thanks to the special alloy composition, our batteries will require less maintenance.

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