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Deep cycle batteries (Suitable for Reva* cars): We keep your car moving!

* Disclaimer: Reva is not a brand of Microtex. And Microtex has no connection with Reva

Microtex deep cycle battery - EV Batteries

EV Battery
Microtex EV Battery

Microtex EV Batteries meet stringent international standards

Microtex offer Deep Cycle Battery / EV batteries which conform to requirements of ARAI. Microtex is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 certified company

Our labs are equipped with  state-of-the-art high-quality life cycle testers from world-class suppliers Bitrode and Digatron to ensure our batteries stand meet the required electrical parameters to the test of time.

EV Battery range

  • EVT 6v 205Ah
  • EVT 6v 225Ah
  • EVT 6v 240Ah
  • EVT 8v 140Ah
  • EVT 8v 155Ah
  • EVT 8v 175Ah
  • EVT 12v 150Ah

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* Disclaimer: Reva is not a brand of Microtex. And Microtex has no connection with Reva

Key features of deep cycle battery

flooded battery Cross section Golf cart battery
Microtex Spine grid for tubular plate
Main Features of Microtex Golf cart battery
PT Bags woven gauntlets for tubular plates
Microtex clean & green batteries

Microtex regularly export EV batteries

Microtex Semi-Traction Tubular Plate Lead Acid Batteries. Semi Traction batteries are designed to supply relatively small amount of DC current over long periods of hours up to 80% depth of discharge and on its subsequent charge. Specially designed lead alloys for positive and negative grids provide better current conductivity to the terminals with lower internal resistance. Presence of tin and grain refiners ensure a high-performance plate resistant to grid corrosion and offers higher efficiency in discharge.

Benefits - Microtex Deep Cycle Battery - EV batteries

Some of Microtex Deep Cycle battery features that EV manufacturers in India and abroad look for, include:

  • Balanced Active Materials ensure long life & trouble free performance.
  • Deep Cycling capabilities with quick recovery from deep discharges
  • Easy recharging
  • Long service life
  • Anti corrosion terminals
  • Extremely low maintenance due to special low antimony alloys
  • Rugged PPCP container & Cover
  • Available in all standard sizes
  • High Pressure Die casted Spine Grids for Tubular Positive Plates.
  • Woven Tubular Gauntlets for Tubular plates ensure it will not rupture in service and  active material will not leak.
  • Special Vent Plugs offer visual indication of electrolyte level.
  • High quality Copper cell connectors with corrosion resistant bolts.
  • Plastic shrouds on connectors ensure no accidental shorts.
  • Heavy Duty Plugs for take-off terminal connections
  • Automatic water filling system for single point watering with ease

Microtex have been exporting deep cycle batteries since 1977!

even more value addition:

  • Factory Charged Batteries – No fuss no mess. Use straight away.
  • EV Batteries with enhanced deep cycle performance using nano carbon technology
  • our deep cycle battery are available in the international standard sizes
  • 50 years of battery manufacturing expertise combined with internationally reputed battery scientists & Battery experts ensure Microtex delivers you a high-quality international performance.
  • 26 company service engineers strategically located ensure you have peace of mind anywhere in India

Free health check up of your EV batteries anywhere in India

Caring for your deep cycle battery – EV Battery

Often taken for granted until things go wrong, electric vehicle batteries require maintenance and care to the same degree as the electric car motor and mechanics of the car itself. Traditional EV batteries are composed of lead-acid cells, which need a full recharge everytime to prevent capacity loss and to bring up all the cells up to the same voltage. The battery of a EV is like the heart in a body. If it isn’t regularly maintained and looked after, it may fail.

We shall be happy to maintain your fleet of EV batteries and help protect your investment. Call us now to schedule a free health check up of your golf cart battery +91 9686 448899

Golf Cart Battery

Things to consider while ordering an EV battery

There are many EV manufacturers throughout the world. To ensure compatibility, as would be the case with all battery suppliers, Microtex needs specific information about your EV or Electric car design and layout. This includes:

  • Voltage capacity
  • Overall dimensions
  • Terminal positions
  • Terminal type and post size (we can advise)

Replacing all of your electric car batteries at once can be an expensive experience. That’s why Microtex manufactures in-house – to keep our prices realistic and very competitive for our customers. There are many EV manufacturers throughout the world. Competitive prices do not mean a loss of quality, either. We have skilled R&D teams and in-house scientists whose job it is to keep us up with modern technology and ensure that our practises make us a leader in the B2B battery industry. EV car owners need to be sure that their cars are reliable and stand up to the rigours of the environment and the differing standards of driving over steep and hilly terrain and be able to get more distances even on these terrains. In order to get the most out of your battery, is essential to properly maintain your car or EV. Microtex has devised a list of considerations to help with this to give you years of trouble-free use.

Caring for your 6v EV battery

  • Overcharging damages cells: Try to use automatic chargers that switch off once the battery reaches its maximum charge.
  • If you don’t possess an auto-charger, set a charge time via alarm clock or other means to check the charging progression in incremental periods.
  • Time your EV batteries to be at their optimum charge for when they are likely to be used.
  • Check water levels each month: Level checks are particularly easy with Microtex batteries, as the easy flip top is simple to open.
  • Always use demineralized water.
  • Regularly check for corrosion: Our battery terminals are coated for anti-corrosion properties, though, from time to time it may be necessary to clean the terminals (primarily if not tightly fitted). This is especially true for resorts, hotels and applications in particularly humid locations.
  • Take preventative measures: A thin layer of petroleum jelly will protect your battery terminal from corrosion.
  • Ensure all users switch off electrical items such as light bulbs, or other electronic devices that can drain the batteries. For businesses in the hospitality industry, providing user instructions will help ensure proper use.
  • Always switch off the power from the golf cart before storing it.
  • Remember that the harder the battery has to work, the quicker it will discharge. If a golf course or location has lots of steep hills, try to circumnavigate the area for a more comfortable drive to use less battery power.
  • Print a maintenance leaflet for users: Have it laminated or adhered to the golf cart in an area where the user and maintenance teams can read it.

Dictating best practices for those who maintain EV or electric cars and their batteries are one thing, implementing them are another.

If you need any more information about batteries for the EV and electric car industries (or EV trolley batteries) contact our team for a personalized information and a custom quote.

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