Microtex forklift Batteries for a wide range of applications

Traction battery for material handling equipment, forklifts & stackers

Traction Power.

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Forklift Traction Battery

Microtex Traction Batteries meet stringent international Standards

Microtex Traction batteries & Forklift Battery comply with IS 5154 (Part 1)2013, IEC 60254-1:2005, IEC 254-2, EN 60 254-2. 

Microtex is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 certified company.

Our labs are equipped with  state-of-the-art high-quality life cycle testers from world-class suppliers Bitrode and Digatron to ensure our batteries stand meet the required electrical parameters to the test of time.

Traction Battery range

  • Traction 2v cells for forklift battery
  • Traction Batteries in 12v, 24v, 36v, 48v, 80v, 96v 
  • Custom built voltages offered on request
  • Forklift battery offered in BS (British Standards) capacities from 42Ah to 1404Ah
  • DIN (German Standards) capacities from 100Ah to 1550Ah
  • Water less range
  • Autofill Systems 
  • Chargers, Connectors, Accessories & Demineralized water

key features

Microtex Traction Battery
PT Bags woven gauntlets for tubular plates
Microtex traction cells
High quality bolts
Microtex Traction cell connectors
lead acid batteries for Forklift Battery

-Microtex have been exporting Traction Batteries since 1977!

Running a warehouse, or other industry involving heavy machinery, necessitates the need for material handling equipment batteries.  Microtex began manufacturing in 1969, and one of the first batteries produced was for battery operated forklifts. We know our stuff. As a forklift battery manufacturer, we have established our product quality as second to none.You can be sure that you are getting a quality product, backed up with years of expertise, at a realistic price. Microtex supplies lead-acid traction batteries worldwide and our customers will testify to their reliability. Microtex is a leading forklift battery supplier in India. Indeed, our batteries are the most widely used in India. We are passionate about maintaining our high standard of quality and customer care. 

-Benefits | Microtex Electric Forklift batteries Raises Expectations!

Each lead-acid battery we manufacture is designed for high energy capacity, deep cycle performance, short charging time, low water consumption, long cycle life with easy maintenance:

  • Complies with DIN EN 60254-2 Standards.
  • Balanced Active Materials ensure long life & trouble free performance.
  • High Pressure Die casted Spine Grids for Tubular Positive Plates.
  • Woven Tubular Gauntlets for Tubular plates ensure it will not rupture in service and  active material will not leak.
  • Special Vent Plugs offer visual indication of electrolyte level.
  • High quality Copper cell connectors with corrosion resistant bolts.
  • Plastic shrouds on connectors ensure no accidental shorts.
  • Heavy Duty Plugs for take-off terminal connections
  • Automatic water filling system for single point watering with ease

-More Benefits | Our Traction Batteries for the electric forklift industry will lower your workload!

even more value addition:

  • Factory Charged Batteries – No fuss no mess. Use straight away.
  • Battery tray made of MS, Powder coated to 100 microns to ensure the tray does not corrode during the long life of the battery
  •  Special layer of coating in addition to powder coating makes double sure – no corrosion
  • Cushioned packing to gently transfer jerks & jolts, keeping the battery cells, vibration free
  • 50 years of battery manufacturing expertise combined with internationally reputed battery scientists & Battery experts ensure Microtex delivers you a high-quality international performance.
  • 26 company service engineers strategically located ensure you have peace of mind anywhere in India
  • Microtex provides you with a tree sapling with every battery purchased – we have been doing this for over 3 years and spreading a green environment – which is highly valued in Microtex.

-Free health check up of your existing traction battery anywhere in India

Caring for your Traction Battery

Often taken for granted until things go wrong, electric forklift batteries require maintenance and care to the same degree as the forklift motor and mechanics of the forklift itself. Traditional forklift batteries are composed of lead-acid cells, which need a full recharge everytime to prevent capacity loss and to bring up all the cells up to the same voltage. The battery of a forklift is like the heart in a body. If it isn’t regularly maintained and looked after, it may fail.

We shall be happy to maintain your fleet of forklift batteries and help protect your investment. Call us now to schedule a free health check up of your Traction battery +91 9686 448899

Level indication float plugs for traction battery

Traction batteries for EV battery operated forklift

India’s most widely used EV Traction battery for forklifts, stackers, and platform trucks are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 24 to 96 volt. Microtex offers electric forklift batteries in all British & DIN standards. We offer batteries in Welded & Bolt-On terminals, made from 2 volts cells from 42 Ah to 1550 Ah in various configurations, as required.

Microtex Traction Power  – How to order a Forklift Battery.

While enquiring or ordering for our Traction batteries, please provide the following information and do provide the dimensions as shown in the drawing below in mm. How to order a Microtex Traction Battery for your requirement? Please check accurately the external dimensions of the steel tray of existing battery.
Please inform us the 
Brand and Model of the Forklift / Stacker
Voltage and Ah of existing battery
Make and model number of existing battery if name tag is available
Type of Battery Plug with rating in amps

How to order a Microtex Traction battery

if you are looking for Golf Cart Battery please follow this link or if you need EV Battery for Electric cars follow this link.

traction battery connector 3
traction battery connector 2
traction battery connector
Traction cell cross section
the microtex advantage

you are important to us. we share with you what our customers say about us.

technical details.

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