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Microtex Traction batteries: We keep your Forklift moving!

Microtex have been exporting traction batteries since 1977!

Running a warehouse, or other industry involving heavy materials or machinery, necessitates the need for material handling equipment batteries. Microtex began manufacturing in 1969, and one of the first batteries produced was for battery operated forklifts. We know our stuff. You can be sure that you are getting a quality product, backed up with years of expertise, at a realistic price. Microtex supplies lead-acid traction batteries worldwide and our customers will testify to their reliability. Indeed, our forklift batteries are the most widely used in India. We are passionate about maintaining our high standard of quality and customer care.

We manufacture the entire traction battery in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Bengaluru, India. We do not buy traction cells and assemble them as battery. We manufacture the Lead alloys, battery containers, Grid Castings, Oxides, Woven Gauntlets, Tubular plates, negative pasted plates, separators and this is a very unique battery plant having complete control on all the components being manufactured in house – gives us the edge on quality as we don’t have to depend on outside suppliers for quality products. Offering electric forklift batteries for material handling equipments in 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V, 80V, 96V and other custom voltage applications.

Microtex Electric Forklift Batteries Raises Expectations!

Our Batteries for the Electric Forklift Industry Will Lower Your Workload

India’s most widely used EV Traction battery for forklifts, stackers, and platform trucks are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 24 to 96 volt. Microtex offers electric forklift batteries in all British & DIN standards. We offer batteries in Welded & Bolt-On terminals, made from 2 volts cells from 42 Ah to 1550 Ah in various configurations, as required. We offer fully automatic watering systems on request.

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Key Features:

  • Specially designed lead alloys for positive and negative grids provide better current conductivity to the terminals with lower internal resistance. Presence of tin and grain refiners ensure a high-performance plate resistant to grid corrosion and offers higher efficiency in discharge.
  • Low antimony-tin-selenium alloys prevent water loss and reduce the watering intervals required, which is a significant factor for maintenance & Reduced costs!
  • Grids are computer designed for optimum active materials and optimized to the cell volume available.
  • Batteries are factory-fresh charged and all cells are matched for internal resistance and conductance with state-of-the-art testing equipment. Traction Cell matching is critical to long life and performance of industrial forklift batteries.
  • We ensure high energy efficiency with “specific active materials” providing higher capacity within the same dimensions.
  • Very-High-Pressure-Die casting machines (150 bar)  for positive Spine Grids to avoid any chance of disintegration due to acid corrosion and ensures an ultra-long life, of your forklift battery pack.
  • The use of engineered woven gauntlets for superior strength offers higher acid resistance and oxidation resistance; will not rupture or burst in the service life of forklift battery cells. The woven gauntlets are proven to be superior in performance to cheaper non-woven gauntlets.
  • A single see-through, flip-top vent plug with a highly visual red float indicator to quickly determine the level of electrolyte without having to open each vent plug, ensuring ease in electric forklift battery maintenance
  • Superior Forklift battery connectors for End take-off terminals ensure a snug fit and firm connection between forklift battery cables and forklift.
  • High-quality insulated connectors ensure that there are no short circuits, sparks or post corrosion.
  • Steel trays are acid proof coated for insulating the traction steel tray – ensuring no earth or voltage leaks affect the forklift’s sophisticated electronics.
  • Bolt-on connectors with firm grip, high-quality corrosion safe connectors provide easy operation towards the end of life, and for quick forklift battery cell replacement of weak cells on site.
  • Auto-fill systems provided as an optional extra.
  • Especially suited high-quality forklift battery chargers are available to ensure long life and high performance for your batteries for the forklift industry.
  • As mandated by law, we buy back used forklift batteries in India offering you peace of mind for safe recycling.


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Caring for your Battery

Often taken for granted until things go wrong, electric forklift batteries require maintenance and care to the same degree as the forklift motor and mechanics of the forklift itself.

Traditional forklift batteries are composed of lead-acid cells, which need a full recharge everytime to prevent capacity loss and to bring up all the cells up to the same voltage.

The battery of a forklift is like the heart in a body. If it isn’t regularly maintained and looked after, it may fail.

We shall be happy to maintain your fleet of forklift batteries and help protect your investment. Call us now to schedule a free health checkup of your Traction battery +919686 448899

Microtex Forklift Battery – How to order a Traction Battery.

While enquiring or ordering for our Microtex Traction batteries, please provide the following information and do provide the dimensions as shown in the drawing below in mm

How to order a Microtex Traction Battery for your requirement?

  1. Please check accurately the external dimensions of the steel tray of existing battery.
  2. Please inform us the Brand and Model of the Forklift | Stacker | MHE
  3. Voltage and Ah of existing battery
  4. Make and model number of existing battery if name tag is available
  5. Type of Battery Plug with rating in amps
  6. Make and model number of the Forklift | MHE

We are here to help you if you have any difficulty

We will send our friendly service engineers to take the measurements for you

We offer Microtex new forklift batteries in all British and DIN standards, in welded and bolt-on terminals, made from 2 volts cells from 42Ah to 1550Ah in various configurations as required. Learn more from here. Microtex Traction Batteries conform to IS5154 (Part1) 2013, IEC 60254-1:2005, IEC 254-2, EN 60254-2. Microtex Energy is also an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company. Microtex is the leading manufacturer of traction batteries in India with five decades of experience in the battery industry. Having exported lead acid traction batteries worldwide to over 21 countries since 1977 Microtex forklift battery assures great performance with years of research and expertise producing state of the art batteries with the latest technology available worldwide.

Microtex traction batteries designed by the world famous battery scientist, Dr Wieland Rusch Germany is the most reliable traction battery available in the country for battery operated forklift.

​We deliver our electric forklift batteries with full maintenance instructions, and our after-sales services are professional and prompt in the rare case that there are issues. To find out more about Microtex products, contact our knowledgeable and friendly staff who will be pleased to assist you

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