Microtex Solar Batteries - Deep Cycle Battery Systems for Solar

OPzV Battery for Solar

We offer a wide range of solar batteries

One of the few companies in the world to manufacture almost all of the various components of the battery in house. A wide basket of lead acid batteries designed by the best European  battery experts, Microtex brings you a product meeting world class standards.

High performance deep cycle lead acid batteries for the solar power industry in 2v OPzS batteries in SAN containers. Designed for a robust life these batteries require minimal maintenance.

T Gel batteries in PPCP containers housed in steel modules available from 2v 100Ah to 2v 5000Ah

These batteries are identical to the TGel PPCP batteries except the containers are made from ABS & are rigid requiring no steel modules to house them. These cells can be placed free standing or on racks

MNRE approved our 12v solar batteries are designed to keep performing

Microtex offers high performance 12v Tgel batteries for those who don’t want to bother with annual water topping up. These are sealed maintenance free Tubular Gel VRLA batteries with a designed life of over 10 years

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