Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries

Microtex: The Superior Solar Battery Manufacturer

At our company, we pride ourselves on exceptional quality. From the initial concept to the final product, our attention to detail is second to none. In an ever-evolving battery industry, Microtex has set the bar for innovation and delivery. Explore our site and see for yourself – we love our work and we’re sure you will, too. Microtex offers batteries for solar photo voltaic panels in a wide range of solar batteries in flooded 12v battery, 12v Tgel batteries, 2v tgel batteries – designed to work efficiently with your solar battery charger and available readily

Carefully Crafted Lead Batteries Exceptional Solar Batteries


12v Monoblocs, flooded Low maintenance lead acid batteries

Designed with the balanced positive to negative active materials ratio, Microtex Batteries offer unmatched performance specially during those sunless days. Quick recovery from deep discharge with Tubular plates ensure that you have a Trustworthy battery that you can rely on.


Very Low Maintenance Flooded

Where space is not a constraint, we offer the robust 2v flooded cells with unmatched performance. Tubular plates cast with 150 bar pressure ensures high density of lead to withstand corrosion.

Microtex – AGM VRLA

48v systems, from 100Ah to 5000 Ah AGM VRLA Battery Banks

Dependable 2v 100Ah up to 5000 Ah systems in voltages as required. Our batteries do not leak throughout its service life. Fitted with very high quality imported vent valves from Germany are designed to be failsafe. More than 60,000 sets equivalent to 48v 400 Ah systems in service! You can trust Microtex VRLA batteries with your Solar off grid systems to never let you down.


Designed in Germany, for Indian conditions. Tubular Gel Batteries in PPCP containers

Designed and Developed by a leading German battery scientist, we have been producing the Gel Battery since 2009, way before any other battery company started manufacturing this in India. Our complete Gel plant is imported from Germany and assembled by experts from Germany. Our Tgel batteries are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of your Solar off-grid systems.


Tubular Gel battery in ABS container

TGel VRLA batteries are manufactured for deep discharge performance and for float, long duration, applications in the Solar, Telecom & Power industries. Our cells are manufactured using the latest battery industry techniques, with extensive testing, and highest quality components. The OPzV Batteries operate in a wide range of temperatures from −20 to 55 °C


in 2v transparent SAN container cells

Internationally acclaimed for reliability over time, Microtex offers OPzS batteries in transparent SAN containers built with a high degree of perfection. The Tubular Spine grids are cast at over 150 bar pressures, with designer Calcium alloys for low water loss features. The Microtex Unique Pole bushing (Patent applied for) traverses 25mm to provide for plate growth, eliminating the usual failure mode of cell covers cracking due to growth of positive elements. Special ceramic microporous vent plug, to return the water back in to the cell, and coupled with Balanced Active Materials, Microtex ensures a designed life of 20 years.