diesel loco starter batteries

MICROTEX Diesel Locomotive engine starter Battery

Microtex diesel loco starter battery

diesel locomotive engine
diesel Locomotive engine battery

Microtex Diesel Loco Starter Batteries meet stringent international Standards

Microtex diesel Locomotive engine starter batteries comply with RDSO Specification MP. Rev.00 Dec 2009 and DEL/SPN/193 Rev R3 July 98.

Microtex is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 certified company.

Our labs are equipped with  state-of-the-art high-quality life cycle testers from world-class suppliers Bitrode and Digatron to ensure our batteries stand meet the required electrical parameters to the test of time.

Microtex diesel Locomotive engine starter batteries are available in the international range:

  • 8v 290Ah
  • 8v 350Ah
  • 8v 450Ah
  • 8v 500Ah

In Hard Rubber Containers & in Hermetically Heat Sealed PPCP Containers in FRP Containers

key features

Tubular Positive plate
PT Bags for tubular plates
diesel Locomotive engine starter battery 2
Diesel Locomotive Engine Starter Battery
diesel Locomotive engine starter battery
Diesel loco starter battery

Microtex regularly export Diesel Loco Starter batteries

Diesel locomotive engines use heavy duty industrial diesel locomotive engine starter batteries for starting and operation of a variety of on-board equipment.The  modern diesel  locomotive in India is a self contained  version of the  electric locomotive.   Like the  electric locomotive in Indian Railways,  it has electric drive, in the form of traction motors driving the axles and controlled with electronics. For over five decades,Microtex has been a technological leader in the development of high performance Industrial lead acid batteries, especially for Indian Railways.  Microtex continues its commitment to  research and development for improving diesel loco starter batteries as per customer need of railway diesel locomotive engine starter battery with RDSO approved specifications.

Microtex High Cranking Currents - High Sustained Cranking Currents

Specially designed and engineered for the railway industry, the Microtex diesel Locomotive engine starter battery feature higher cranking currents and a higher reserve capacity to augment the auxiliary on-board equipment on the diesel locomotive, making it the choice of the Indian Railways. The cells are constructed to form 8 volt monoblocks. Each 2v Battery is hermetically heat sealed and housed in a Fibre Reinforced Plastic tray designed specifically to avoid any leakage of electrolyte. Electrolyte leakage causes costly corrosion buildup and leakage currents which could damage the electronics in the modern diesel locomotive. The foolproof design ensures the diesel Locomotive engine starter battery performs without any leakage throughout its service life.

The balanced active materials in the woven gauntlet positive tubular plate design and construction ensure higher capacity in the same space. Built to perform in the stringent requirements of the locomotives, these locomotive starter batteries have been serving the Indian railways since 1994 and are the trusted choice of the railways.

Special designer lead alloys, comprising of very low antimony selenium lead with special grain refiners added, to provide minimum water consumption, ensuring reduced water topping up frequency and making it easier to maintain. The woven engineered gauntlets, with precise porosity, do not rupture or burst in service and are superior to the non-woven gauntlets. The terminals are provided with tin plated copper inserts to eliminate terminal melting and provide better electrical conductivity minimising internal electrical resistance.

The batteries are tested and approved by RDSO (Research Designs & Standards Organization, Ministry of Railways, Government of India).

  • Microtex is a Part 1 supplier and supplying batteries to the Indian Railways since 1994.

Some of Microtex diesel Locomotive engine starter battery features that Locomotive manufacturers in India and abroad look for, include:

  • Balanced Active Materials ensure consistent cranking currents & trouble free performance.
  • Deep Cycling capabilities with quick recovery from deep discharges
  • Easy recharging
  • Long service life
  • Heavy duty Terminals  with tin plated copper inserts which do not melt in service
  • Additional feature with Anti corrosion properties
  • Extremely low maintenance due to special low antimony alloys
  • Rugged PPCP Containers & Covers housed in Fibre Reinforced Plastics tray or in sturdy Hard Rubber  (Ebonite) Containers
  • Available in the standard international sizes fits most diesel Locomotive engines worldwide
  • High Pressure Die (150 bar)casted Spine Grids for Tubular Positive Plates.
  • Woven Tubular Gauntlets for Tubular plates ensure it will not rupture in service and  active material will not leak.
  • Special Ceramic Vent Plugs ensure water is trapped & sent back into the cells during gassing when charging
  • High quality Copper inserts inside terminal pillars ensure high conductivity & better cranking currents.
  • Heavy duty welded intercell connectors with tin plated copper inserts to eliminate melting

Caring for your diesel loco starter battery​

  • Overcharging damages cells: Try to use automatic chargers that switch off once the battery reaches its maximum charge.
  • If you don’t possess an auto-charger, set a charge time via alarm clock or other means to check the charging progression in incremental periods.
  • Check water levels each month: Level checks are particularly easy with Microtex batteries, as the vent plugs are fitted with visual indicator floats marked red & green
  • Always use demineralized water.
  • Regularly check for corrosion: Our battery terminals are coated for anti-corrosion properties, though, from time to time it may be necessary to clean the terminals 
  • Take preventative measures: A thin layer of petroleum jelly will protect your battery terminal from corrosion.

Dictating best practices for those who maintain diesel Locomotive engine starter battery are one thing, implementing them are another. If you need any more information about batteries for the Railway industry (or 8v 290ah battery for end on generation Power cars) contact our team for personalized information and a custom quote.

diesel Locomotive engine starter battery
diesel Locomotive engine starter battery 1
the Microtex advantage.

technical details.

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