microtex railway track batteries. dependable.

Microtex: The trusted railway track battery manufacturer

Microtex – long performing railway track batteries -great quality

  • Railway signalling equipment batteries 
  • IPS battery signaling equipment
  • RDSO part1 approved vendor
  • Preferred by Indian Railways
  • Prompt Supplies with great quality assurance

superior railway track batteries

Designed with the correct & balanced positive to negative active materials ratio, Microtex Railway track battery offers unmatched performance specially in those really remote locations where access is a serious concern. Quick recovery from deep discharge with Tubular plates ensure that you have a battery which you can trust & rely upon.

2v Signaling Battery range

  • available in a wide range of RDSO approved 2v batteries, from 40Ah to 500Ah  @ C10 rating for Railway Signaling applications, supplied in hard rubber containers & in hermetically sealed PPCP containers.
  • 2v Signaling batteries are available with RDSO Approval in the following capacities:
  • 40Ah, 80Ah, 120Ah, 200Ah, 300Ah, 400Ah, 500Ah

in hermetically heat sealed PPCP Containers

  • available with RDSO approvals in 2v cells, from 40Ah to 500Ah, supplied in Heat Sealed PPCP containers.
  • Microtex is a Part 1 Source for the Indian Railways & have been approved vendor since 1994
  • Superior performance due to Light weight PPCP container offers many benefits to Railways
  • Light & much easier to handle compared to Hard Rubber container Battery
  • Does not sweat; Does not Leak. No melted Bitumen on top surface in hot environments
  • Modern Battery Technology compared to the older ebonite hard rubber process
  • Dependable Railway Signaling Battery Banks RDSO approved from 2v 120Ah up to 500Ah systems in voltages as required. Our batteries do not leak throughout its service life. Fitted with high quality imported vent valves from Germany are designed to be failsafe. More than 60000 sets equivalent to 48v 400 Ah systems in service. You can trust Microtex VRLA batteries with your Railway Signalling Equipment, Safety & Reliability that never let you down.
  • available in a wide range of 2v cells, from 120Ah to 500Ah, 
  • built to suit 24v systems, 48v systems & as per requirement
  • Supplied complete with Steel Stackable modules

MICROTEX - Diesel Locomotive Battery

8v 450Ah 8v 500Ah

  • Microtex is a Part 1 Approved Vendor for Diesel Locomotive Battery to the Indian Railways & have been supplying since 1994. 
  • with hundreds & thousands of Diesel Locomotive batteries in service, we have mastered & perfected the  Diesel Locomotive Battery technology
  • Our  Diesel Locomotive Battery offer the best cranking currents & sustained cranking currents
diesel locomotive engine

Microtex Diesel Locomotive Battery

  • Designed & developed in house, Microtex  Diesel Locomotive Battery have been in production since 1994. Superior designs incorporated ensure  Microtex Diesel Locomotive Battery don’t fail. You can’t have a stranded  Diesel Locomotive Battery.

Microtex Railway TRD batteries.

Railway Track Battery
  • SAN transparent container, Tubular Spine grids with Diameter 3.20 mm cast at over 150 bar pressure, Calcium alloys for annual top up, Unique Pole bushing traverses 25mm to provide for plate growth, Imported ceramic microporous vent plug, Balanced active materials all ensures a designed life of 20 years.

MICROTEX - TRD batteries

Traction Distribution Battery range

  • TRD Batteries are available in RDSO approved 110v 40Ah & 110v 200Ah in Hard Rubber Containers & in PPCP containers
Railway Track Battery 1

EoG Battery range

  • RDSO Approved 8v 290 Ah EoG battery for end on generation coach 
  • 24v 290Ah Starter battery
  • Very Powerful batteries
  • Dependable & Trusted Power Source for your Generator
end on generation coach
  • 8v 290 Ah batteries supplied immediately. 
  • Microtex 110v 1100Ah VRLA Battery for Train Lighting & Air Conditioning Applications.

1100Ah Air Conditioning Battery

  • TRD Batteries are available in RDSO approved 110v 40Ah & 110v 200Ah in Hard Rubber Containers & in PPCP containers
AC Coach
Flooded 6v 120 Ah Train Lighting battery

& EMU Battery range

  • RDSO Approved Part 1 Source 
  • 10v 75Ah
  • 10v 90Ah
Electric Loco Battery
  • 10v 75Ah 
  • 10v 90Ah batteries supplied immediately. 
advantage of Microtex.

For detailed certifications & approvals of our railway batteries please visit this page… Certifications

For detailed technical information like, GTP, Discharge curves and detailed drawings for any of the batteries you require, please send us an email on info @ microtexindia .com We shall send you the required information immediately.

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