Railway – Signalling Battery

MICROTEX Signalling Battery in HR & VRLA

2v 80 Ah to 500Ah RDSO Approved

India’s Most Preferred Battery for the Railways

Railway Signaling & Telecommunications batteries conforming to RDSO spec. IRS:S-93/96(Amdt 1) & IRS-S-88/2004

MICROTEX have the complete range of products for Railway Signaling and Telecommunications requirements and is a Part 1 supplier to the Indian Railways. Microtex Signalling Batteries are specially designed for very low maintenance requiring water top up once a year – most suited for remote applications where accessibility is poor. The cells have excellent reserve capacity and robust in construction supplied in both Hard Rubber and in PPCP hermetically heat sealed containers. Microtex offers the complete requirements of Railway Signaling cells from 40 Ah to 500 Ah and is a dependable backup power source for the critical Signalling infrastructure to ensure total reliability for trackside signaling installations. Microtex Signaling batteries are available in both low maintenance and Maintenance free for signaling, level crossing and point operation, positive train control, security surveillance and telecommunications equipment. Microtex is a Part 1 supplier to the Indian Railways and have proven performance and track record for high quality batteries.

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Key Features:

  • Specially designed lead alloys for positive and negative grid, to provide very low water consumption during its service life and better current conductivity to the terminals with lower internal resistance. Presence of Tin and special grain refiners ensure a high-performance plate resistant to grid corrosion and provides higher efficiency in discharge

  • Special Low Antimony-Tin-Selenium alloys prevent water loss and reduce the watering intervals in usage, this is a big advantage for Signaling cells in remote locations

  • Grids are computer designed for optimum active materials and optimized to the volume available

  • High efficiency with accurate active materials provide higher capacity within same dimensions

  • Tubular Positive Spine grids are cast at 150 bar pressure in very Precise high-quality Pressure Die casting machines – avoids disintegration due to acid corrosion and ensures ultra-long life.

  • Engineered Woven Gauntlets are used (instead of Nonwovens), for Superior Strength higher acid resistance and oxidation resistance, will not rupture or burst in its service life of the battery

  • Specially designed see through float cum vent plug with highly visual red float indicator to show easily the level of electrolyte without having to open each vent plug. Never run your battery dry again with this special feature.

  • Microtex Signalling Batteries conform to RDSO Spec IRS/S:93/96 Amdt 1 and IRS S-88/2004

  • Microtex Energy is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company

Microtex Long Performing Batteries -Great quality

  • Railway signalling equipment batteries

  • IPS battery signaling equipment

  • RDSO part1 approved vendor

  • Preferred by Indian Railways

  • Prompt Supplies and Dependable Battery

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