Railway – End on Generation – 8v 290Ah

MICROTEX End on Generation Starter Battery

In EOG System, the electrical load ie Lights, Fans and Air-conditioning, Pantry etc of the Rajdhani and Shatabdi Trains are fed from the power cars placed at either ends of the train rake. Each power car is installed with 2 diesel Alternator sets. Since the power cars are placed at either end of the rake the system is termed as End on Generation (EOG). A battery set with a system voltage of 24v, i.e. 3 batteries of 8 volts 290Ah, Lead Acid battery is used to feed power to the Engine Starter Motor of the Diesel Alternator Set.

For over three decades, Microtex has been a technological leader in the development of high performance Industrial lead acid batteries, especially for Indian Railways.  Microtex continues its commitment to  research and develop for improving batteries as per customer need of railway diesel locomotive starter battery with RDSO approved specifications.

Microtex EoG batteries are available in 8v 290Ah Hard Rubber Containers

Microtex High Cranking Current – High Sustained Cranking Current

Specially designed and engineered for the railway industry, the Microtex EoG Genset starter batteries feature higher cranking currents and a superior reserve capacity to readily deliver immense cranking currents at the flick of a switch, making it the choice of the rail industry.

Four cells are housed in a heavy duty time tested Hard Rubber Container to form 8 volt monoblocks. The foolproof design ensures the battery performs without any leakage throughout its service life.

The balanced active materials in the woven gauntlet positive tubular plate design and construction ensures higher capacity in the same space. Built to perform in an instant when required,  these batteries have been serving the Indian railways since 1994 and are the trusted choice of the railways.

Special designer lead alloys, comprising of very low antimony selenium lead with special grain refiners added, to provide minimum water consumption, ensuring reduced water topping up frequency and making it easier to maintain. The woven engineered gauntlets, with precise porosity do not rupture or burst in service and are superior to the non woven gauntlets. The terminals are provided with tin plated copper inserts to eliminate terminal melting and provide better electrical conductivity minimising internal electrical resistance.

The batteries are tested and approved by RDSO (Research Designs & Standards Organization, Ministry of Railways, Government of India). Microtex is a Part 1 supplier and supplying batteries to the Indian Railways since 1994.

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