Mining Locomotive Battery

MICROTEX Underground Mining Locomotive Battery

We move your underground Locomotives - longer in the deep mines!!

Microtex builds Safe, Dependable & Reliable traction batteries for underground mining locomotive applications.

Mining locomotive batteries are 2v battery cells, assembled to the required voltage of the underground mining locomotive. Designed to operate without any sparks in service – they are very robust and are built with special care to ensure complete safety in operation. It is a dependable and trustworthy power source for your underground mining locomotives.

Microtex manufactures safe and reliable underground mining locomotive batteries.

Microtex specializes in manufacturing Traction batteries since 1977; with batteries for the underground mining locomotive industry being a significant area of expertise. Available in the complete range of British & German standards in 96v & 120v from 42Ah to 1550Ah (Voltages can be custom manufactured as per your requirements)

Mining locomotive battery is similar to that of traction battery applications typically used to power mobility vehicles, but designed to function safely & reliably underground.

Battery powered locomotives need an efficient and reliable source of energy. Our in house manufacturing capability allows us to produce larger traction batteries with dependable capacity and reliability.

Our underground mining locomotive batteries are built with the latest technology. Our research & development laboratories ensure we are always up to date with technology.

Batteries For The Mining Locomotive Industry That Keep You On Track

We manufacture the entire battery in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Bengaluru, India. We manufacture the Lead alloys, battery containers, Grid Castings, Oxides, Engineered Woven Gauntlets, Tubular plates, Negative pasted plates, Separators, all in house. This makes Microtex a very unique battery plant having complete control on all the components being manufactured in house – gives us the ‘edge on quality’; as we don’t have to depend on outside suppliers for quality products.

We have been manufacturing batteries since 1969. Our battery designs were implemented by a world renowned German battery scientist, Dr Wieland Rusch. Our processes and manufacturing techniques are closely ensured by the leading Battery industry expert Dr Michael McDonagh who is our Chief Technical Officer.

Microtex underground mining locomotive batteries are thoroughly tested to perform in the stringent and harsh environments underground in mines, where reliability is not an option.

We produce underground mining locomotive batteries for locomotives from 2 to 30 tonnes for tunnels or mines of a moderate gradient, and operate consistently in harsh industrial environments.

Key Features of our underground Mining Locomotive Battery:

  • Low antimony lead alloys to reduce the frequency of topping up in underground mines – A great blessing for reduced maintenance times in the difficult environment

  • Tubular spine grids cast on sophisticated ‘high pressure die casting’ machines at over 150 bars pressure – to make dense spine grids which make for very long battery life

  • Lower maintenance intervals

  • Long Dependable service life

  • Specially designed cables and connectors to ensure better electrical conductivity

  • the cells are housed in special Steel trays coated with pure polyester and a Special inner coating to withstand corrosion

Microtex meets the demanding mining customer needs: 

  • Safety, first and foremost. Perfect weldings to avoid sparks and bolt on connectors of high quality to avoid any loose connections and sparks – with high dependability

  • Low maintenance and reduced watering intervals ensures better operator efficiency

  •  Low antimony alloys coupled with selenium and tin for high strength and to provide long service life of the battery

  • Best value for money

  • Optimum and Balanced Active materials to provide the rated capacity, with better Efficiency and performance

  • Optimal grid design for high power output.

  • High, usage efficiency.

  • Easy & low maintenance- throughout the battery life.

  • Quick & Prompt supplies on time – every time.

  • Fast after-sales support and professionalism.​

  • Microtex mining locomotive batteries fulfill your requirements – we regularly export these high performance batteries

  • Talk to one of our knowledgeable team members today and we will be happy to meet your requirements promptly

  • Our prices are realistic and we offer a modular or bespoke service for all of our customers.

  • We also offer batteries since 1994, for railway applications like – Diesel Locomotive Starter battery

We shall be happy to maintain your fleet of Underground Mining Locomotive batteries and help protect your investment.

Call our Service Head now to schedule a free health check up and he will send our friendly service engineers anywhere in India of your Underground Mining Locomotive Traction battery

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