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Microtex Lead acid batteries - Exceptional Products

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Innovative products

We are an innovation focused lead acid batteries manufacturing company capable of adapting to continuous changes in technology

One of the few companies in the world to manufacture almost all of the various components of the battery in house. A wide basket of lead acid batteries designed by the best European  battery experts, Microtex brings you a product meeting world class standards.

Microtex supplies specific lead acid batteries for the solar power industry, such as the solar inverter battery.

Microtex offers a wide range of Batteries for solar applications, including low maintenance flooded lead acid batteries, sealed maintenance free Tubular Gel batteries, SMF AGM VRLA batteries from 20 Ah to 5000 Ah. Made with high quality raw materials to bring you peace of mind and designed by the best battery experts in the world from Germany and UK, to ensure you have a reliable and trusted solar battery.

Microtex offers OPzS battery, OPzV and AGM VRLA for standby applications, for the mission critical nuclear and power industries. Microtex lead acid batteries have surpassed the stringent norms for demanding customers like, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Nuclear Power Corporation of India, National Thermal Power Corporation, National Hydro Power Corporation of India, Indian Oil Corporation, State Electricity Boards and Power transmission corporations in India

Traction Battery for Forklifts, Stackers, Forktrucks, Scissor lifts, Reach trucks, Lift trucks, battery operated pallet trucks and other material handling equipment manufacturers.

Microtex is the leading manufacturer and distributor of traction batteries in India. Our state-of-the-art lead acid batteries designs, ensure a rugged, deep cycle battery and are built to last for many years with trouble-free performance.

We test our lead acid batteries in our state-of-the-art laboratories for reliability and every battery comes with an assurance of a high-quality battery.

Microtex offers large UPS batteries and home Inverter batteries in TGel, SMF AGM VRLA and very low maintenance flooded systems. These are top of the line in the industry made with designer alloys like very low Antimony-Selenium alloys to mitigate water loss coupled with very high discharge capabilities and Calcium-Tin alloys for a sealed maintenance free performance

Deep Cycle Mining Locomotive batteries are used for driving the mining locomotives. Microtex mining locomotive batteries are proven and reliable in deep underground mining environments, where failure is not acceptable. These lead acid batteries are safe for use in underground mines.

Microtex Diesel Loco starter batteries – Tubular Plate

Microtex supplies industrial heavy duty lead acid batteries to the Indian Railways for various applications and is a Part 1 supplier. Microtex batteries have performed well in the past and has been a reliable battery supplier since 1994. Indian Railways use batteries as a source of power for cranking the diesel locomotive and for power supply needs when the train is stationary or moving at low speeds. The power supply unit along with the batteries are fitted outside and underneath the locomotive or coach. Microtex batteries are designed to meet the harsh environments where dust and heat are generated as the locomotive or train is speeding along the tracks facing the extreme cold and heat from different parts across India.

Microtex-Golf Cart Batteries                                                                         Microtex-EV Batteries – Packed with features!

Microtex offers the complete range of lead acid batteries required for the Golf cart industry, in heavy duty performance Tubular plate batteries with good charge acceptance after a deep discharge. 
Microtex Golf cart battery – the answer to Golf Cart manufacturers requirement of a steady source of reliable power. Built with Microtex research and experience, it is a rugged and strong battery, to give huge savings to the Golf cart owner. Designed for longer distances, with very low maintenance.

Microtex DG Starter Battery with new technology for Heavy Duty Genset applications. The High Power lead acid batteries come with exclusive features to meet the demanding conditions for Genset applications in the Indian environment. Genset batteries are manufactured using state of the art techniques and quality components, materials for reduced maintenance and extended battery life.

Automotive Industry

Microtex Truck Battery

Truck Batteries

SLI – Starter, Lighting & Ignition

Instant start lead acid batteries for your truck Battery.

MICROTEX – Super-Truck Battery – Heavy Duty – Packed with Features:

  • Fast Recharge Flat Positive plate design for superior starting power capabilities,Instant ignition after reasonable periods of withstand 
  • Specially designed Low Antimony Tin Selenium lead alloys with Copper, Sulphur and Arsenic as special grain refiners for Flat pasted Positive GRIDS which are casted on Special American Wirtz Automatic Grid Casting machines.  
  • The addition of optimum levels of Tin, Selenium, copper along with Microtex proprietary special grain refiners ensure a high performance positive plate resistant to grid corrosion and growth.
  • Computer designed grids ensure lowest internal resistance and ensure the current is quickly carried from the grids to the terminal.

Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery banks used for power backup as a battery bank in Telecom industry as a Standby source of energy. Microtex Safe Energy AGM VRLA  2 volt Telecom battery are available in a wide range; of 2v battery banks, from 100Ah to 5000Ah

Highly Porous PVC Battery Separators for flooded lead acid batteries & Tubular Gel Batteries, you need a separator that will last the designed life of over 15 years of a TGEL battery

  • PVC battery separators are microporous diaphragms as a battery protector, placed between the negative and positive plates of a lead acid battery to prevent any contact between them to avoid internal short circuit and cause battery discharge; but at the same time allow free circulation of the electrolyte.

Top Seller, our PT Bags are the most trusted by the best battery manufacturers!

PT Bags or Pluri Tubular Bags or just Tubular Bags are used as oxide holders in Industrial Tubular plates in Lead acid batteries. It is a vital component of the Lead acid battery made from polyester fabric it ensures the high performance requirements of heavy duty traction batteries and standby stationary cells. The tubular bag surrounds the rod shaped electrodes called spines joined at the top to form a bus bar, and filled with lead oxides, one end serves as the bus bar and the open end is locked with a plastic bottom bar. The tubular bag construction is highly microporous and ensures free flow of electronic ions during the chemical reaction when the plates are charged or discharged, for a high performance of the battery.

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