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FAQ's - Commercial

Why should I buy a Microtex Battery? What is the advantage of buying from Microtex?

1. Established reputation of 50 years – trusted by discerning customers like Indian Railways / Nuclear Power facilities / Electricity SubStaions / NTPC / NHPC / Oil Refineries / large manufacturing companies like ABB, Crompton, Siemens, Tata, OEM supplies & exported to 41 countries
2. 50 years and successful in a tough & difficult market. Microtex have been exporting Traction batteries since 1977!
3. Outstanding quality. We have complete control over the product as most of the components are manufactured in house.
4. We are a family-owned business & flexible. We can modify a standard product to accommodate individual customer requirements
5. We are responsive & you don’t have to go through a lot of administrative staff to resolve a problem
6. We have used European battery industry experts & leading specialists to design the product & processes to European standards
7. Our own test facilities to international standards
8. Lab to analyse battery failures. We use information learned from forensic analysis to improve our quality & this is a constant process.
9. Sourcing of raw materials, is in our control for the various components, like high purity lead, polypropylene copolymer, PVC resin, polyester yarns, copper for connectors, & other raw materials. We are probably the only company that makes all the components in house.
10. We don’t just sell a battery. We build relationships actively & it is our policy to do that to ensure customer satisfaction. We prefer to have partners rather than customers.

What is the warranty period of your batteries?

Microtex offers 12 months warranty from the date of invoice

What is the validity of your quotation?

Microtex usually offers 30 days validity & it will be mentioned in the offer letter

What is your delivery period for supply of batteries?

Microtex delivers many batteries from ready stocks & some custom-built batteries take 25-30 days

How is the packing done for the batteries?

Small batteries are packed in environment-friendly carton boxes. large quantities are palletised. Large batteries like 48v VRLA Battery banks & Traction batteries are placed on pallets for transportation. For exports, Traction Batteries are supplied in fumigated wooden cases. 2v OPzS & 2v OPzV cells are packed in wooden cases suitably cushioned.

What is the after-sales service you offer?

In India, we have a dedicated service team of 25 people strategically located who can reach you in 24 hours. For exports, we usually offer a 2 % warranty discount to cover any possible failures which are rare & seldom.

What are the freight charges & who bears the freight costs?

Our batteries are offered FOB Bengaluru. Freight will be borne by the customer at actuals. Customer can nominate their usual transport company & we shall coordinate with them for transportation.

What are the test reports you provide? What 3rd party inspection or certifications available?

All our batteries go through extensive testing during manufacture. There are as many as 127 checkpoints during the manufacture & assembly of our batteries. All batteries supplied in charged condition go through 2 complete charge-discharge cycles for validation of capacity. We can provide Pre-Delivery Inspection reports if required. We can arrange at cost, inspection by reputed inspecting agencies like SGS or Intertek or any customer nominated test houses. Our batteries are approved by BSNL QA TSEC, Indian Railways, RDSO, MNRE. You can view our certificates here

Do you offer battery installation & commissioning at the site?

Yes, we do offer installation & commissioning of our supplied batteries anywhere in India. If you need I&C please let us know at the time of the inquiry, we shall be happy to assist.

Do you buy back used old batteries?

Microtex complies with the local legislation & yes we do buyback used old batteries. Our offer is for the supply of batteries & we also offer to buyback used batteries to ensure safe disposal of battery at end of life.

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