EV – Semi Traction Battery

MICROTEX Deep Cycle Electric Vehicles (EV) Batteries

Suitable for Reva* cars: We keep your car moving!

Microtex have been exporting deep cycle traction batteries since 1977!


Traction batteries refers to any battery typically used to power mobility vehicles usually 2v cells from 100Ah to over a 1500Ah, assembled in a steel tray. Semi Traction batteries are used for similar motive power applications like electric vehicles and are usually made in 6v, 8v or 12v configurations ranging from 100Ah to 240Ah, used in electric cars like Reva* cars, stackers, scissor lifts, marine boat & recreational vehicles.

Microtex EV batteries are available in a wide range from 12v 32Ah to 200Ah

MICROTEX offers Semi Traction Batteries most suitable for Electric Vehicles, Stackers, pallet trucks & boom lifts in 6v battery, 8v battery & 12V battery, & capacities ranging from 32Ah to 196Ah. End use as a suitable replacement in Reva* cars, pallet truck battery, boom lift battery, scissor lift battery, marine battery, recreational vehicles (campers) battery.


  • Disclaimer: Reva is not a brand of Microtex. And Microtex has no connection with Reva


MICROTEX EV Deep Cycle Tubular Battery : The superior Electric Car battery

Microtex EV Tubular Plate Lead Acid Batteries

Semi Traction batteries like those used in EV cars are designed to supply relatively small amount of DC current over long periods of hours up to 80% depth of discharge and on its subsequent charge.

Key features of Microtex EV Batteries:

Specially designed lead alloys for positive and negative grids provide better current conductivity to the terminals with lower internal resistance. Presence of tin and grain refiners ensure a high-performance plate resistant to grid corrosion and offers higher efficiency in discharge and better charge acceptance for quick recharges

Low antimony-tin-selenium alloys prevent water loss and reduce the watering intervals required, which is a significant factor for maintenance.

Grids are computer designed for optimum active materials and optimized to the cell volume available.

We ensure high efficiency with specific active materials providing higher capacity within the same dimensions.

High-quality ‘high pressure die casting’ machines for tubular positive plates to make dense & strong spine grids that ensure ultra-long life.

The use of engineered woven gauntlets for superior strength offers lower electrical resistance, higher acid and oxidation resistance; will not rupture or burst in the service life of the semi traction battery.

Key Features:

  • Tubular Plate Batteries, available in 6v,8v and 12-volt capacities from 32Ah to 196Ah

  • Deep cycling capabilities and quick recovery from deep discharges

  • Easy recharging & Fast charge acceptance

  • Long life battery

  • Anti-corrosion terminals

  • Extremely low maintenance

  • Rugged construction

  • Tubular plates ensure longer life

  • Safe to operate, no acid leakage, monoblocs are heat sealed

  • Ready-to-use: Batteries supplied in factory charged

  • Vibration Resistant Design

What are the applications of a Deep Cycle Semi Traction battery?

  • Suitable for Reva* Cars

  • Mechanical sweepers

  • Golf cars

  • Utility vehicles

  • Marine Boat Battery

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