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MICROTEX E-Rickshaw Battery - Power To Carry you More kilometers!

Microtex  ERickshaw batteries are available in 100Ah, 120Ah and 140Ah in Flat plate technology & TUBULAR PLATE technology
Microtex E Rickshaw battery – the answer to e rickshaw manufacturers requirement of a steady source of power. Manufactured with European Technology and Microtex research and experience, it is built rugged and strong, to give huge savings to the e rickshaw owner. Designed to cover longer distances, with very low maintenance.
Being a similar application as a semi traction battery, Microtex with its decades of experience manufacturing traction battery, offer you an Erickshaw battery for a dependable steady source of power. There’s nothing more reliable than our Microtex range of e-rickshaw batteries. Built with Microtex research and experience, they are both rugged and strong. Designed for longer distances with very low maintenance needs, our Microtex e-rickshaw batteries are second to none.
Microtex knows the important role e-rickshaws have in the provision of transport throughout India and many other countries. That’s why we’ve made every effort to provide a safe, dependable, and low maintenance battery for the e-rickshaw industry.

Microtex E-Rickshaw battery - Aap Ke Liye!

MICROTEX –  E Rickshaw Battery – Packed with Features 

Apke Liye,

  • Efficiency: You want an E-Rickshaw battery made to last at least a year.

  • Reliability: Peace of mind that the battery will provide longer distances.

  • Design: A design of battery that is robust and strong

  • Durability: heavy duty cycles, with long life

  • Price: competitive price for a superior product.

  • Delivery: Immediate supplies. Guaranteed.

  • After sales: A fully committed customer care service that solves issues quickly and efficiently.

With Microtex E-Rickshaw battery, we supply all of that and more.
We guarantee you will receive the right E-Rickshaw battery for your needs- on time and at an affordable price.

​Key features of Microtex E-Rickshaw battery:


  2. LOW-ANTIMONIAL-SELENIUM LEAD – Requires less frequent water topping up – easy maintenance

  3. THICKER GRIDS – To avoid corrosion, providing long life life

  4. BEST QUALITY MICROTEX PVC SEPARATORS- Ensure no shorting of plates – Better capacity – Lower Electrical Resistance

  • TUBULAR PLATE & Flat Plate Positive design for continuous power with fast recharge capabilities

  • Specially designed Low Antimony Tin Selenium lead alloys with Copper, Sulphur and Arsenic as special grain refiners for POSITIVE GRIDS. Cast on Special Automatic Grid Casting machines. The Special alloys prevent water loss and requires less frequent water top up. Easy Maintenance.

  • Computer designed grids ensure lowest internal resistance and ensure the current is quickly carried from the grids to the terminal.

  • High efficiency of discharge is achieved with accurate and balanced Positive and Negative active materials, delivers higher capacities.

  • Microtex E-Rickshaw Batteries are supplied factory fresh fully charged this ensures all the batteries. Ready to use. No fuss no mess.

  • The Strong Terminal post design ensures trouble free contact with the electricals in the E-Rickshaw. Ensures proper charging and discharging with no terminal melting.

  • Hermetically heat sealed cover to container and 100% factory inspected for leaks

  • Cover is specially designed to avoid Spills or leaks from the battery and are made of high quality Battery grade PPCP – Poly-Propylene-Co-Polymer

  • Microtex E-Rickshaw batteries comply to standards AIS-048 Automobile Industry Standard

  • Microtex Energy is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company

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