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Dr Mike - an introduction

Dr Michael McDonagh holds a B Sc and PhD in Metallurgy and Materials science from the University of Nottingham. He has worked in the energy storage and battery technology industry since 1977. His broad experience covers design, manufacturing and applications of both lead acid and lithium ion batteries. His experience is both practical hands on as well as well as thoroughly grounded in electrochemical and materials science.

In addition to having more than 30 years of practical experience manufacturing and designing lead/acid batteries for automotive and industrial battery technology applications, Dr. McDonagh was also responsible for building and managing several battery plants in the UK. He was also the chief of R&D as well as production manager for many leading battery companies, such as Oldham Crompton Battery and FIAMM UK.

Dr. McDonagh has won several awards including the SMART Award (UK) for the design of heavy duty maintenance-free batteries and the PHARE Award for the design and series production of Romanian rail batteries and charging systems. At this time he was an owner of a battery company which won an export award for which he was subsequently invited to a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace by HM Queen Elizabeth for his contribution to British exports.

He has worked on diverse projects such as high temperature Lithium batteries for Nuclear Submarines with the British MOD and a Lithium iron phosphate substitute for car starter batteries. In 2013 he was awarded a grant by the UK government, managed by the Carbon Trust to design and develop a low energy rapid charger for fork lift batteries. This was successfully completed and demonstrated a potential saving of over 300.000 tonnes/annum of carbon for the UK alone.

In 2015 He won the Seal of Excellence awarded by the European Commission as part of the EU framework Programme for Research and Development 2012-2020 for his project ‘An energy saving rapid charger for forklift truck batteries and similar applications’ The charger is now waiting patent approval.

He is currently acting as a battery applications and manufacturing consultant to many lead/acid battery companies in Europe and Asia as well as writing for and editing the leading international battery technical journal Bestmag.

As part of his work Dr McDonagh also acts an expert witness on energy storage matters in legal cases. His most high profile case was to supply expert testimony to an international dispute between the governments of Iran and the United States in 2014 which was held in the International Court of Justice, The Hague Netherlands.

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