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Microtex PVC separators

Battery separators for T Gel battery & all lead acid batteries

Microtex PVC battery separators

PVC Battery Separators
PVC Battery Separators

Microtex PVC separators meet stringent international standards

MICROTEX PVC separators surpass IS specifications IS: 6071 1986 and have been tested and certified by the Central Electrochemical Research Institute, CSIR, Chennai to conform to  IS specifications.

Microtex is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 certified company.

Our labs are equipped with  state-of-the-art high-quality Electrical Resistance testers, Porosity Tester, Tensile Strength tester, which ensure our Battery Separators meet the required battery requirements.

Microtex PVC battery separators

  • Available in a variety of profiles
  • The PVC battery separator was developed for the first time in India under the brand name MICROTEX with their own know how and with indigenously designed machinery 50 years ago. The plant and machinery comprise sintering machines and other electrical installations, with own captive power generators, for the smooth and automatic production of over a hundred million separators per annum, the largest and most renowned  battery separator manufacturers in India for the lead acid battery manufacturers in India.

Key features

12v Solar flooded battery
usage of battery separators
PVC Battery Separators
VRLA Negative Electrode
OPzV cells
PVC Battery Separators

Microtex have been manufacturing battery separators since 1969!

What are PVC separators?

PVC Separators are microporous diaphragms as a battery protector, placed between the negative and positive plates of a lead acid battery to prevent any contact between them to avoid internal short circuit and cause battery discharge; but at the same time allow free circulation of the electrolyte. The function of the separator is to prevent electronic contact between plates of opposite polarity. It also acts as a cushion to absorb shocks in handling or in use. They are resistant to the electrolyte and highly resistant to oxidation which occurs in the positive plate being strongly oxidizing in nature. They have good porosity and small pore sizes and does not allow dendrite formation – a treeing of the active materials through the separator which causes shorting. They are easily wettable, mechanically strong and dimensionally stable.

Properties of high performance Microtex PVC battery separators

  • MICROTEX as a PVC battery separator material are chemically clean, uniform in quality, free from holes, broken corners, splits, embedded foreign material, surface rupture, physical defects as an important function of battery.
  • PVC separator technology is one of the most stable types of separators and is a battery component which is critical to the function of battery.
  • Microtex PVC separator in battery does not disintegrate or rupture during its service life inside the lead acid battery
  • Has low electrical resistance and allows the free flow of electronic ions between the positive & negative electrodes during the reaction in a lead acid battery
  • Have no pin holes – 100% inspection done
  • Available in widths up to 310mm lengths of 1000mm
  • Thicknesses from 0.45mm to 5.00 mm with or without ribs

What makes our Microtex PVC separators world-class?

  1. MICROTEX PVC separators have very low electrical resistance which improves battery performance. The high porosity ensures easy diffusion of electrolyte and movement of ions guaranteeing battery performance even at high discharge rates. Being completely non reactive to acids, active metals and emitted gases, MICROTEX PVC separators enhance the active life of the battery.
  2. MICROTEX PVC separators surpass IS specifications IS: 6071 1986 and have been tested and certified by the Central Electrochemical Research Institute, CSIR, Chennai to conform to  IS specifications
  3. MICROTEX PVC separators are manufactured in both standard and custom sizes for automotive and industrial battery application. Every separator produced is visually inspected before being packed. Physical and chemical testing is done batch wise. Routine checks made at key stages along the manufacturing process maintain MICROTEX separators’ consistent high quality
  4. MICROTEX separators, combining the outstanding characteristics of low electric resistance, chemical cleanliness, higher porosity, Low pore size, superior corrosive resistance and with minimum level of oxidizable organics, make themselves extremely usable for automobile, traction, stationary, train lighting and all other lead acid batteries.
  5. MICROTEX sintered pvc separators have proven its performance and reliability for over 50 years of use. Five decades of experience and modern production methods and facilities have made MICROTEX the leading battery separator supplier in India. The key to their leading position in the separator industry is technological innovation, quality and service.
  6. Microtex Battery Separators have found unique applications as osmosis membranes and in Nickel Cadmium battery
  • Find out more about our Microtex PVC Separators, price, payment terms and our proven commitment to customer care. Contact us today and request a customised quote. We are confident you will be impressed by our wide range of products and client feedback. It is our mission to deliver on our promises, and work with you to guarantee complete satisfaction with any Microtex purchase. We are an innovative and adaptable company and are brimming with ideas and team spirit.

For detailed technical information like, technical properties, MSDS, or detailed drawings, for any of the separators you require, please send us an inquiry in the form below
We shall send you the required information immediately

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