Microtex PT Bags - tubular bags for Tubular battery

PT BAGS: Superior woven Pluri Tubular Bags for quality Tubular Battery

Microtex PT Bags

PT Bags for tubular plates
PT Bags Patent

Microtex PT Bags meet stringent international Standards

MICROTEX PT Bags  for tubular battery are routinely tested for Oxidation, electrical resistance, tensile strength and are found to surpass our specifications.

Microtex is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 certified company.

Our labs are equipped with  state-of-the-art high-quality Electrical Resistance testers, Porosity Tester, Tensile Strength tester, which ensure our multi Tubular Bags meet the required battery characteristics.

Microtex pluri tubular gauntlets

  • Available in a variety of profiles
  • PT Bags or Pluri Tubular Bags or just Tubular Bags are used as oxide holders in Industrial Tubular battery plates in Lead acid batteries. It is a vital component of the Lead acid battery made from polyester fabric it ensures the high performance requirements of heavy duty traction batteries and standby stationary cells. The tubular bag surrounds the rod shaped electrodes called spines joined at the top to form a bus bar, and filled with lead oxides, one end serves as the bus bar and the open end is locked with a plastic bottom bar. The tubular bag construction is highly microporous and ensures free flow of electronic ions during the chemical reaction when the plates are charged or discharged, for a high performance of the battery. The fabric design ensures that the active material shedding is practically eliminated and as the spines are covered by the active material, corrosion is much slower and inhibited compared to flat plate batteries. Although the recent lower cost non woven gauntlets have taken a space in the market because of lower costs, the woven gauntlets are superior in strength and will not rupture easily in Tubular gel batteries with a designed life of 20 years.


key features

PT Bags woven gauntlets for tubular plates
usage of battery separators
PT Bags for tubular plates
Lead acid battery tubular plate
flooded battery Cross section Golf cart battery
Tubular Positive plate

-Microtex have been manufacturing Pluri Tubular bags since 1969!

What are PT Bags?

  • PT Bags, Pluri Tubular Gauntlets or Tubular Bags as they are commonly called are oxide holders for the tubular battery positive plate. A spine grid replaces the flat grid in a flat plate battery; the spine grid is inserted in one end of the PT Bag and filled with oxide from the other end, completely enclosing the spine grid which makes it protected from corrosion. The open end is locked with a plastic bar and you have a tubular positive plate – which are very robust and has a very long life compared to a flat plate battery.

Engineered woven gauntlets - PT Bags for tubular battery from Microtex

  • Microtex PT Bags are stringently tested in house for chemical and electrical properties, meeting and exceeding the norms. High Performance Batteries made from our PT Bags have met the severe endurance test as per IS 1651 in Stationary cells and Life Cycle tests as per Indian Railway Specifications for high cranking currents in Diesel Locomotive Starter Batteries. 
  • Microtex PT Bags are –
  • used in all tubular battery like – UPS, Inverter batteries traction battery manufacturers in India 
  • in high end industrial applications like Railway Locomotive Battery, Train Lighting batteries and Signaling battery  
  • in High performance Stationary cells – OPzS and OPzV with a designed life of 20 years – requiring a Zero Defect, Zero Failure Tubular Bag
  • used by tubular battery manufacturers and for Tubular Gel battery applications both deep cycle batteries demanding a robust construction of the Tubular Bag
  • regularly exported to Naval Submarine Battery manufacturers

What makes our Microtex PT Bags for tubular battery World Class?

  1. Microtex PT Bags have uniform tube diameter without any inconsistencies
  2. High Tensile Gauntlet strength; does not rupture in battery service life
  3. Very low electrical resistance; unhindered battery discharge performance
  4. Enhanced Elasticity; Resilience in Compression of Active materials 
  5. No impurities present; Chemically clean & pure
  6. Very low weight loss; does not disintegrate inside the battery
  7. Excellent Oxidation Resistance; very long life
  8. Dimensionally stable; does not get affected in sulphuric acid inside the battery
  9. Very small pore size; Ensures retention of active mass & avoids shedding
  10. Mechanically very strong; no failures due to bursting of tubes
  11. Engineered Profile; Ease of use in shop floor  

Microtex Energy Bags (Pluri Tubular Woven Gauntlets) used in production of Tubular battery plates are an innovative and welcome import substitute for industrial lead acid battery manufacturers in India – pioneered by the manufacturers of the famous MICROTEX battery and separators,  50 years ago. A result of the persistent and completely indigenous research and inventive enterprise of our founder Mr A Govindan, who held a Patent for the Pluri Tubular Bags issued in 1975 by the Trademarks & Patent Registrar, India

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the microtex advantage.

For detailed technical information like, GTP, and detailed drawings for any of the PT Bags you require, please send us an email on info @ microtexindia .comWe shall send you the required information immediately.

technical details.

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