Microtex OPzS Batteries for Power Generation, Hydroelectricity, Nuclear Power Stations, Solar Energy, offshore oil rigs, petrochemical industry

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Microtex OPzS

Made in India with


Microtex Advanced Calcium OPzS 2v batteries with high power density are available for Power Generation, Hydroelectricity, Nuclear Power Stations, Solar Energy, Offshore oil rigs, Petrochemical complexes in transparent SAN containers from 100Ah to 3000Ah. Microtex has been manufacturing OPzS batteries since 2007 for standby battery applications meeting European norms.

Innovative Design

  • Transparent SAN (Styrene Acrylonitrile)  containers for visual confirmation of state of battery condition, so essential to mission critical applications like in nuclear power generation industry
  • High impact ABS cover with large polarity indication enhances cell safety and bright colours for easy visual of terminal polarity
  • Designer lead alloys with specially formulated additives like, aluminium, calcium, tin, copper, for positive plates & negative plates to prevent premature failures due to corrosion 
  • Special design provides better & faster conductivity to the terminals minimising internal resistance losses
  • Calcium Lead grids reduce the need to top up considerably
  • Hardened lead alloy with copper insert terminal posts – provide faster conductivity and fail proof connections requiring less maintenance
  • Correctly Balanced Active Materials ensure long life & trouble free performance
  • 150 bar High Pressure Die casted Spine Grids for Tubular Positive Plates (densely compacted under such high pressures prevent early corrosion failures)
  • Superior Woven Tubular Gauntlets (not NONWovens) for Tubular plates Woven tubular gauntlets will not rupture in service and  active material will not leak causing internal shorts & failure
  • Specially designed Ceramic Vent Plugs with high quality ceramic water trap to retain water which may naturally escape from the vented cell 
  • In addition they have explosion inhibiting properties. In very large battery installations, hydrogen & oxygen gases are developed in the overcharge phase creating highly explosive gases which could escape from the cell. In case of spark from outside the cell, the flame will be arrested by the porous ceramic.
  • It is normal for the plates to grow on both sides, vertical & horizontal during the service life of the battery usually occurring noticeably towards the 7th year of service. To accommodate this growth Microtex have designed a unique (Patent applied for), Smart Terminal pole bushing with rubber grommets,  and allows for movement upwards without causing breakage to the cover, which is a common mode of failure in these type of batteries (without this unique feature).
  • Batteries are supplied with factory pre-formed plates. This ensure for reliable performance and no excess cycling required in the field to obtain rated capacity. Saves time for critical users.
  • High quality copper inter cell connectors with accurate current rating design
  • Batteries supplied with floor Stands that are Seismically tested & qualified by certified test houses, stands with special acid proof coating.

Benefits for you

  • Complete range available meeting international sizes
  • Long service life – 20 years designed life – best return on investment cost
  • High performance battery with deep discharge characteristics recovers from deep cycles quickly
  • Low water consumption – less frequent maintenance
  • All India service network

Microtex OPzS batteries are offered in Transparent SAN containers in the internationally standard  range @ c10 @ 25°C & dimensions:

  • 2v   100Ah          L105 x W208 x H420mm     wt    14.20 kgs
  • 2v   210Ah          L105 x W208 x H420mm     wt    17.20 kgs
  • 2v   270Ah          L126 x W208 x H420mm     wt    20.80 kgs
  • 2v   320Ah          L147 x W208 x H535mm     wt    24.30 kgs
  • 2v   400Ah          L126 x W208 x H535mm     wt    26.90 kgs
  • 2v   490Ah          L147 x W208 x H535mm     wt    31.50 kgs
  • 2v   570Ah          L168 x W208 x H535mm     wt    36.10 kgs
  • 2v   670Ah          L147 x W208 x H710mm     wt    44.80 kgs
  • 2v   890Ah          L215 x W193 x H710mm     wt    61.30 kgs
  • 2v 1120Ah          L215 x W235 x H710mm     wt    74.50 kgs
  • 2v 1340Ah          L215 x W277 x H710mm     wt    88.00 kgs
  • 2v 1690Ah          L215 x W277 x H855mm     wt  114.30 kgs
  • 2v 2250Ah          L215 x W400 x H815mm     wt  151.50 kgs
  • 2v 2810Ah          L215 x W490 x H815mm     wt  193.00 kgs
  • 2v 3380Ah          L215 x W580 x H815mm     wt  234.50 kgs

Microtex OPzS Battery generally conform to

  • DIN 40 736 part 1,
  • IS1651-2013,
  • Tests according to IEC 60 896-11 and safety standards, ventilation
  • DIN EN 50 272-2

Our labs are equipped with  state-of-the-art high-quality life-cycle testers from world-class suppliers Bitrode and Digatron to ensure our batteries stand meet the required electrical parameters to the test of time.

Microtex is an ISO certified company 

      (click to view certificate)

  • 2v OPzS Batteries are supplied suitably packed for transport  within India or export worthy packing
  • Lead plated copper inter cell connectors of rated capacity
  • Seismically qualified stands if ordered separately
  • Instruction & maintenance  manual
  • Charging manual
  • Charging & user record book
  • Test Certificate
  • In India – One tree sapling to promote a green environment 
  • Peace of mind with our dedicated all India service support

OPzS batteries from Microtex comes with trouble free performance. Annual periodic DM water inspection & topping up, performing equalizing charge & visual inspection for any damages or loose connections is all the maintenance you require for these robust high performance batteries.

Microtex will be happy to maintain your battery banks and help protect your investment. Call us to schedule a free health check up of your OPzS battery banks +91 9686 448899

Please provide us with the following information to ensure that you receive the right product for years of great performance:

  • What is the system Voltage & Capacity of the Cells
  • Which Specification do you need the batteries to conform to? IS Spec, IEC Spec or DIN Spec?
  • Number of cells per System/Bank
  • Are maintenance tools required, if yes please name the items needed
  • Are Stands required, If so Sal wood or Mild Steel
  • Do you require the stands to be seismically qualified only for MS Stands
  • Is Electrolyte required for First Filling or do you have access to good quality tested electrolyte?
  • If Sizing of the Batteries are required, we shall be happy to assist you in the correct calculations, please provide the following details
  1. Total Load of the System
  2. Total DC Voltage of the System
  3. Number of Backup Hours Required
  4. Mean Temperature


2v OPzS battery the failsafe battery, with German technology​

OPzS Batteries in Nuclear Power

We manufacture the complete battery & all components in house!

Microtex produces the specially designed lead alloys, lead oxides, grid castings, pasted plates, injection molded containers, multi-tubular gauntlets, PVC separators in house, and produces the complete battery using state-of-the-art industry standard battery making machinery. Our batteries are built with proven designs and undergo complete life cycle testing to international norms before they are offered to the market. The electrical lab is complete with high quality LCT from world class suppliers Bitrode and Digatron.

Established in 1969 -
Exporting Batteries to 43 countries since 1977

What are OPzS batteries?

OPzS are standby batteries and is generally used to refer Tubular lead Acid Batteries in Transparent SAN containers. These batteries have a cell voltage of  2 volts and connected together to obtain higher voltages, usually used in Power Generating Stations & Substation, Oil & Gas, Nuclear Facilities, Solar and Standby applications.

Trust Microtex, when you need a failsafe battery bank

On an interesting note… OPzS Definition is derived and stands for  O – Ortsfest in German means Stationary Pz – PanzerPlate means Tubular plate (for sturdy and robust) S – Stands for Flussig or Flooded

Customer Testimonials

Our OPzS batteries for the critical backup industry will give complete peace of mind!

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OPzS are standby batteries and is generally used to refer Tubular lead Acid Batteries in Transparent SAN containers. These batteries have a cell voltage of 2 volts and connected together to obtain higher voltages, usually used in Power Generating Stations & Substation, Oil & Gas, Nuclear Facilities, Solar and Standby applications.

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