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Microtex has been manufacturing batteries since 1969. Microtex DGStart 12v genset batteries are capable of multiple cranks in excess of its requirement thanks to its balanced & optimum active materials. Built with special calcium tin alloys, requiring no maintenance during its service life. Available in the two most popular capacities 12v 90Ah & 12v 105Ah.  At Microtex we are proud to be India’s leading genset battery manufacturer, serving our valuable customers.

Innovative Design

  • Grid design of electrodes ensure smooth travel of current to the terminals, to deliver instant cranking currents
  • Sturdy PPCP (polypropylene copolymer) containers for durability
  • Designer lead alloys with special calcium lead alloys for positive plates & negative plates to provide maintenance free characteristics & avoid premature failures due to corrosion 
  • Correctly Balanced Active Materials ensure superior cranking currents with long life & trouble free performance
  • Specially designed Vent Plugs with ceramic disc to return back any escaping water through natural gas evolution
  • High quality flexible copper cell connectors with accurate current rating design
  • Special lead coated, corrosion resistant bolts
  • Plastic shrouds on connectors ensure no accidental shorts
  • Factory Charged Batteries – No fuss no mess. Use straight away

Benefits for you

  • Standard range of 12v 90Ah & 12v 105Ah batteries readily available
  • Long service life – best return on investment cost
  • High capacity plates ensure instant start of your genset
  • Maintenance free
  • All India service network
  • 12v   90Ah
  • 12v 105Ah

Genset Battery from Microtex – DGstart batteries comply with

  • IS 7372 standards

Microtex is an ISO certified company 

      (click to view certificate)

  • Batteries are supplied packed for transport on a non tiltable pallet
  • Take off cables of rated capacity
  • Instruction & maintenance  manual
  • Charging manual
  • Charging & user record book
  • Test Certificate
  • Peace of mind with our dedicated all India service support

Microtex batteries are designed to give you years of trouble free performance, without your having to maintain it periodically. However a battery left to stand without using it, can lead to sulphation. Either periodically charge it with an external charger or –

We shall be happy to maintain your genset batteries for a small charge and help protect your battery. Call us now to schedule a free health check up of your Genset battery +91 9686 448899

Please provide us with the following information to ensure that you receive the right product for years of great performance:

  1. Brand & model of Genset – if nameplate is available please send us a photo
  2. Brand & model of existing Battery (photo of Ah label, if possible)
  3. What is the Voltage & Ah


Microtex Genset batteries meet
stringent international standards

Genset Battery

We manufacture the complete battery & components in house!

Microtex produces the specially designed lead alloys, lead oxides, grid castings, pasted plates, injection molded containers, multi-tubular gauntlets, PVC separators in house, and produces the complete battery using state-of-the-art industry standard battery making machinery. Our batteries are built with proven designs and undergo complete life cycle testing to international norms before they are offered to the market. The electrical lab is complete with high quality LCT from world class suppliers Bitrode and Digatron.

Established in 1969

Our own market research has determined what our genset battery customers want:

The main role of a genset battery is to provide cranking current when there is a power outage to start the genset without fail. Most gensets now are equipped with automatic mains failure and starting is automatic, hence battery failure is not acceptable. Genset batteries are also required to power up the key electronic controls of the modern diesel gensets. Most genset battery use Lead acid battery chemistry. There are two types available:
maintenance free – usually sealed and no electrolyte can be added & the
conventional flooded battery – with vent holes to top up electrolyte as required.

Selection of genset battery

  • When selecting a battery for your DG Set please note that what you pay is what you get. Some batteries are a bit more expensive as better battery manufacturers use better and purer raw materials.   Microtex genset Battery with new Carbon technology for Heavy Duty Genset applications. The High Power DGStart Genset Batteries come with exclusive features to meet the demanding conditions for Genset applications in the Indian environment.
  • Genset batteries are manufactured using state of the art techniques and quality components, materials for reduced maintenance and extended battery life.
  • At Microtex we are proud to be India’s leading genset battery manufacturer, serving customers around the world. 50 years of experience gives us the platform to produce high-quality, low maintenance flooded lead-acid batteries for our discerning customers. Our DGStart brand of Genset battery is efficient, incredibly reliable, and designed to handle frequent deep discharge cycles. Our top priority is always excellent customer satisfaction and quality products. Our Customers testify our DGStart Genset battery is a perfect solution for their needs.

Exporting Batteries to
27 countries since 1977!

We consider Microtex Genset batteries to be the best in the battery industry, and make this bold claim because we manufacture our entire battery in-house. This ensures the highest level of quality control possible. It’s our goal to make sure our products do not suffer from external problems or third-party malfunctions. We produce our own specially designed lead alloys, lead oxides, grid castings, pasted plates, injection moulded containers, multi-tubular gauntlets, and separators.  And, before being sold, each type of lead acid battery is thoroughly validated through a complete life cycle testing. With a Microtex Genset battery, you can expect:

  • Trouble-free performance
  • No maintenance
  • To Deliver required cranking current to keep your genset running as often as required
  • quick charging

With Microtex Genset batteries, we provide peace of mind

  • Designer Lead Alloys : with special grain refiners, prevent water loss & minimizes corrosion
  • Thicker Grids : More lead, more capacity. Long life battery for you
  • German designs, for global conditions
  • Best quality Separatorlow electrical resistance, better capacity
  • Ceramic vent plug: traps the water and returns it back to the cell
  • Strong terminal posts: Larger contact area for better connections
  • Hermetically heat sealed cover to container: Very strong design and does not leak in service

Microtex genset batteries are built to last

With a Microtex DGStart Genset battery, you can expect:

  • Trouble-free performance.
  • Very low maintenance with topping up periods of once a year.
  • To Deliver the correct rated capacity.
  • Superior customer service to help you through any service-based questions after your battery purchase.

Microtex Genset Battery – always on the ready, to power your Genset


Our Genset batteries for the Genset Industry, will always start!

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