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We are proud to supply to battery manufacturers also!

Microtex PVC battery separators & Pluri tubular bags

Innovative battery components

we are an innovation focused battery component manufacturing company as well capable of adapting to continuous changes in technology

One of the few companies in the world to manufacture almost all of the various components of the battery in house. A wide basket of lead acid batteries designed by the best European  battery experts, Microtex brings you a product meeting world class standards.

PVC battery separators was developed for the first time in India under the brand name MICROTEX with own know how and with indigenously designed machinery 50 years ago. The plant and machinery comprise sintering machines and other electrical installations, with own captive power generators, for the smooth and automatic production of over a hundred million pvc battery separators per annum, the largest and most renowned  PVC battery separator manufacturers in India for the lead acid battery manufacturers in India. We have tested our PVC separators in CECRI.

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PVC battery separators

An overview of characteristics, manufacture & test methods.

PVC battery separators are microporous diaphragms placed between the negative and positive plates of lead acid batteries to prevent any contact between them to avoid internal short circuit but at the same time allow free circulation of the electrolyte.

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PT Bags or Pluri Tubular Bags or just Tubular Bags are used as oxide holders in industrial tubular plates in lead acid batteries. It is a vital component of the lead acid battery made from polyester fabric it ensures the high performance requirements of heavy duty lead acid batteries that need deep cycle performance like traction batteries and standby opzs stationary cells. The tubular bag surrounds the rod shaped electrodes called spines joined at the top to form a bus bar, and filled with lead oxides, one end serves as the bus bar and the open end is locked with a plastic bottom bar. 

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