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We manufacture every component of the battery in house

One of the few companies in the world to manufacture almost all of the various components of the battery in house. A wide basket of lead acid batteries designed by the best European  battery experts, Microtex brings you batteries meeting world class standards


Manufacturing the complete battery and all its components in-house guarantees that we control the quality & performance of our batteries rather than relying on outside vendors for the various components

Specially designed Lead Alloys for different end uses of battery to provide different properties & characteristics of battery performance based on the end use.
Solar Industry

Lead oxides

Our state-of-the-art oxide mill ensures absolute quality in a totally enclosed closed loop system ensuring an environment friendly manufacturing process

Grid castings

The lead electrodes are produced on Wirtz grid casting machine from USA producing consistent high quality grids with uniform dimensions.

Pasted plates

A state-of-the-art pasting machine from Mac USA ensures high consistency in weights producing a balanced quantity of active materials in the electrodes

Battery Containers

In house production of all the battery containers required for our production is manufactured with accuracy on injection moulding machines from 60t to 1300t capacities

Pluri Tubular Bags

Probably one of the very few companies in the world to produce Pluri tubular bags in house. Our PT Bags quality is accepted to be the finest and exported for use in Submarine batteries

Microtex were the pioneers of the PVC separator in India. High performance Tubular gel batteries requires robust performance of the separator to match the 15 year life of the gel battery. 
Plate formation

Plate formation

Microtex ensures high performance of the battery by the tank formation process, in an environment friendly formation setup


Batteries are assembled by expert technicians who produce highly consistent quality using proven and established process controls

VRLA Charging


After the assembly the batteries are charged using sophisticated battery charging systems to give it that lasting factory finish

Packing & Dispatch

Care is taken to once again reinspect the battery just before it is finally packed for air pressure leaks and carefully packed for dispatch

VRLA Batteries assembly

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