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Flooded 2v batteries for a wide range of applications

Stationary 2v battery flooded low maintenance lead acid battery -LMLA

2v flooded battery

OPzs Battery for controls & switchgear
Microtex flooded low maintenance stationary battery

Microtex stationary batteries meet stringent international standards

Microtex 2v Flooded batteries comply with IS 1651-1993,IS 13369-1992,IEC 61427, IEC 60896-21,22 & BS 6290 Part IV

Microtex  2v Flooded batteries comply with IS:1651:2013 & IS: 13369:1992,  IEC 60896-Part 11, and   IEC 61427


Our labs are equipped with  state-of-the-art high-quality life cycle testers from world-class suppliers Bitrode and Digatron to ensure our batteries stand meet the required electrical parameters to the test of time.

2v Flooded battery range

  • available in a wide range of 2v cells, from 40Ah to 1200Ah, supplied in ebonite Hard Rubber containers or in PPCP containers as required. 
  • 2v cells: 40Ah, 80Ah, 100Ah, 120Ah, 200Ah, 300Ah, 400Ah, 500Ah, 600Ah, 700Ah, 800Ah, 900Ah, 1000Ah, 1100Ah, 1200Ah
  • 2v Stationary batteries  are Flooded battery with performance characteristics of a Low Maintenance Lead Acid Battery (or LMLA battery)  for the Solar & Power Projects industry.
  • Microtex 2v batteries are specially designed with very low Antimony lead alloys with special grain refiners to provide for a very easy maintenance; requiring water top up once in 18 months – Almost maintenance free! which is most suited for remote applications in hilly or isolated locations, where accessibility is poor.

key features

Lead acid battery tubular plate
PT Bags woven gauntlets for tubular plates
2v flooded battery Railway Signaling Battery
2v flooded battery
Tubular Positive plate

Microtex have been manufacturing 2v batteries since 1977!

  • The 2v flooded battery have excellent reserve capacity, deep cycle characteristics, recovering from deep discharges quickly. They are robust in construction housed either in the time tested Hard Rubber- ebonite containers or in high impact Polypropylene copolymer (PPCP) hermetically heat sealed containers. Constructed with Tubular positive plates made from woven gauntlets to eliminate shedding, the tubular plate ensures good capacity and long cycle life.  Microtex 2v batteries offers an extensive inventory of 2v battery and are available in the following capacities; 40Ah, 80Ah, 100Ah, 120Ah, 200AH, 300Ah 400Ah, 500Ah, 600Ah, 700Ah, 800Ah, 1000Ah and 1100Ah for use as a stationary battery in power projects, Power generation stations, power substations, controls & switchgears, standby, railway signalling & telecommunications, as a solar battery in large grids and is a dependable backup power source for critical power projects and Solar battery applications

Microtex 2v flooded batteries require very Little maintenance!

Each lead-acid battery we manufacture is designed for high energy capacity, deep cycle performance, short charging time, low water consumption, long cycle life with easy maintenance:

  • Complies with DIN EN 60254-2 Standards.
  • Balanced Active Materials ensure long life & trouble free performance.
  • High Pressure Die casted Spine Grids for Tubular Positive Plates.
  • Woven Tubular Gauntlets for Tubular plates ensure it will not rupture in service and  active material will not leak.
  • Special Vent Plugs with float level indicator -offers visual indication of electrolyte level.
  • High quality Copper cell connectors with corrosion resistant bolts.
  • Ceramic vent plugs trap moisture and return the water back to the system, keeping the electrolyte always available & reduced topping up
  • Sturdy special alloy terminal posts to ensure trouble free service – no melting
  • Option of Hard Rubber containers or PPCP containers as per customer choice

Our 2v flooded batteries for the power industry will keep you energized!

even more value addition:

  • Factory Charged Batteries – No fuss no mess. Use straight away.
  • More power
  • Longer Discharge times
  •  Long Life design
  • Minimum costs with long life to offer better return on investment
  • 50 years of battery manufacturing expertise combined with internationally reputed battery scientists & Battery experts ensure Microtex delivers you a high-quality international performance.
  • 26 company service engineers strategically located ensure you have peace of mind anywhere in India
  • Microtex provides you with a tree sapling with every battery purchased – we have been doing this for over 3 years and spreading a green environment – which is highly valued in Microtex.

Free health check up of your existing flooded battery banks anywhere in India

We manufacture the entire battery in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Bengaluru, India. We manufacture the Lead alloys, battery containers, Grid Castings, Oxides, Woven Gauntlets, Tubular plates, negative pasted plates, separators and this is a very unique battery plant having complete control on all the components being manufactured in house – gives us the edge on quality as we don’t have to depend on outside suppliers for quality products. 

We asked our Switchgear equipment manufacturers what features of a 2v flooded battery are important to them.

This is what they told us… A battery bank is the heart of a substation and if it fails this is what would happen… The power substation could expose all feeders associated with the station to a situation where it would never trip in case of a fault and all backup equipment such as the main circuit breakers on the LV side or HV side would all be inoperative rendering equipment unsafe and without protection. They need a failsafe battery bank.

With Microtex stationary 2v battery banks, we supply all of that and more… peace of mind.

We guarantee you will receive the right 2v battery for all your needs, be it solar battery or battery banks for Power Stations – with complete and dependable reliability  and for an affordable price. At Microtex, we ensure we understand our customers’ needs to serve them better.

Why buy a Microtex battery bank for your switchgear & controls or solar off grid or power projects?

Key features of Microtex 2v stationary batteries:

    • More power
    • Longer discharge time
    • Long battery life
    • Minimum operating costs, better RoI
    • Designer lead alloys : with special grain refiners, prevent grid growth & corrosion
    • Thicker grids : More lead, more life – long lasting battery for you
    • German designs, for Indian conditions
    • Balanced active materials: Ensures harmonious function throughout the service life
    • Best quality Separator : Optimum porosity with low electrical resistance
    • Ceramic vent plug traps moisture & return the valuable water back into the cell: Ensures water topping up is minimized.
    • Large terminal post: larger contact area for better conductivity & lower electrical resistance path

We shall be happy to maintain your 2v battery banks & help protect your investment. Feel free to get in touch with us if you are located in India

For detailed technical information like, GTP, Discharge curves and detailed drawings for any of the batteries you require, please send us an email on info @ microtexindia .com We shall send you the required information immediately

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