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Microtex sealed maintenance free 2v VRLA battery AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat)

Microtex VRLA batteries for Solar, UPS, Standby & Telecom industry

Microtex VRLA battery

lead acid batteries for telecom industry

Microtex VRLA batteries meet stringent international Standards

Our labs are equipped with  state-of-the-art high-quality life cycle testers from world-class suppliers Bitrode and Digatron to ensure our batteries stand meet the required electrical parameters to the test of time.

Microtex AGM 2v VRLA batteries comply with  IS15549:2005, IEC 60896-Part 21&22, IEC 61427,IEEE 1188 & 1189 and BSNL GR No TEC/GR/TX/BAT-001/04 June 2011 with Amdt No 1. 

Microtex is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 certified company.

2v VRLA battery range

  • AGM VRLA 2v cells from 100Ah to 5000Ah
  • Cells are supplied in Standard International Sizes in PPCP containers housed in steel modules complete with copper connectors & base frame.
  • All cells are supplied in high quality PPCP containers
  • Seismic qualified Steel racks can be supplied optionally
  • Lead Tin Plated Copper Connectors with Passivated SS Fasteners
  • Chargers, Connectors, Accessories
  • Thicker plates for high temperature performance

Key features

48v VRLA Battery Bank
VRLA Battery vent valve
VRLA Positive Electrode
VRLA Negative Electrode
2v vrla cells
VRLA Battery Bank

Microtex have been manufacturing VRLA Batteries since 2006!

What is a VRLA Battery? Valve Regulated VRLA lead Acid or commonly called VRLA Battery are sealed maintenance free, ie. sealed for the life of the battery, have no water loss, due to the gas recombination process, water loss is eliminated and makes it a maintenance free battery for the life of the battery. The absorbent glass mat (agm) design allows for the gas recombination of Oxygen inside the battery as the gases are transported through the absorbent glass mat separator, recombines hydrogen & oxygen, to form water which goes back into the reaction to generate power on the next charge discharge cycle. These are rechargeable Lead Acid Battery banks used for power backup as a battery bank with high rates of discharge in Solar, Telecom, Data centers, and Standby applications. Microtex Sealed Lead Acid batteries, being a gas recombination valve regulated lead acid agm vrla battery, it is a completely sealed maintenance free SMF battery. The internal resistance is measured for each and every cell to ensure high consistency & reliability. High rate discharge is performed for each cell to ensure battery integrity. Voltage is regulated by the correct and balanced active materials proportions, ensuring high cycle life performance.

Microtex 2v valve regulated vrla batteries with high power density use absorbent glass mat batteries and are available in a wide range from 100Ah to 5000Ah. VRLA Batteries for the Solar & Telecom industry from Microtex are sealed maintenance free batteries and come with assured quality.

Microtex incorporates battery research and design from years of its own experience and that of reputed European Battery Scientists, the Microtex 2v vrla series – delivers trouble free performance with an ultra-long life – a designed life of 20 years on float applications. They are supplied in charged condition.

MICROTEX 2v AGM VRLA battery for Stationary & Rolling stock applications:

We asked our customers what features of a 2v battery are important to them.

This is what they told us:

  • Efficiency: You want a 2v SMF battery made to last.
  • Reliability: Peace of mind that the power supply will remain constant; longer discharges.
  • Design: A design of battery that specifically fits your needs of deep cycling
  • Durability: heavy duty, coupled with deep discharge cycle capabilities.
  • Price: A realistic, but competitive price for a superior product.
  • Delivery: On time, every time; Guaranteed.
  • After sales: A fully committed customer care service that solves issues quickly and efficiently.

    With Microtex batteries, we supply all of that and more.

    We guarantee you will receive the right 2v battery for your needs- on time and for an affordable price. At Microtex, we study our customers’ needs to ensure we offer products that are ideally suited for their particular applications.

Key features of Microtex 2v VRLA batteries:


  • Designer Lead Alloys : with special grain refiners, prevent grid growth & corrosion
  • Thicker Grids : More lead, more life. Long lasting battery for you
  • DIN Design : German designs, for Indian conditions
  • Special insulators for plate ends : Eliminates Shorting
  • Best quality Resilient AGM Separator : Optimum compression, electrolyte available throughout service life
  • Imported German Vent Valve : Expensive fail-proof design to release and reseal instantly & prevent accidental ingress of unwanted air & to effectively transport oxygen from the positive plate to the negative plate through the pressure assisted transport mechanism
  • Large terminal post + brass inserts : Larger contact area for better conductivity inserts eliminates melting of terminal
  • FR Grade PPCP containers, covers & post seal : Fire Safe

Advanced 2v series - Additional features

  •  2v VRLA battery for Standby applications in solar and telecom battery banks to be used as heavy duty, high performance, battery backup and storage systems
  • Incorporating battery research and design from a combined 100 years of experience along with reputed European Battery Scientists, the Microtex 2v VRLA Battery – delivers trouble free ultra-long life, with a designed life of 20 years.
  • Microtex AGM 2v VRLA cells in telecom tower systems are “Type Tested” by BSNL for TSEC approval since 2008 and for Railway applications by RDSO for Railway Signalling and Telecom applications.
  • Microtex with its unique manufacturing facilities, produce in-house the specially designed lead alloys, lead oxides, grid castings, pasted plates, injection molded containers, multi-tubular gauntlets, PVC separators, produces the complete battery using state of the art industry standard battery making machinery.
  • Designs are proven and tested for complete life cycle testing to international norms before the batteries are offered to the market. The electrical lab is complete with high-quality LCT from world class suppliers Bitrode and Digatron.
  • Microtex, having supplied its batteries to mission critical and demanding customers like, Nuclear Power Corporations of India and Bhabha Atomic Center have proven their reliability and trustworthiness to meet stringent standards for dependable power sources in standby energy solutions.

If you are looking for an efficient Backup or Standby battery, look no further.

Our extensive catalogues of 2v AGM VRLA battery for applications like Switchgear & Controls, Solar Photovoltaic, Standby, Power Generation Stations & Substations, Electricity Transmission Stations etc.; are specifically designed to provide reliable performance in a variety of tough high temperature working environments. At Microtex, we offer a wide range of 2v battery in AGM VRLA or even in flooded Low Maintenance Lead Acid (LMLA), and in 2v TGel batteries Sealed Maintenance Free Lead acid batteries. needed for the international markets. Our batteries are designed to store energy efficiently, recharge quickly and remain maintenance-free. If you are looking for mission critical Batteries for the Nuclear, Thermal & Hydro Power generating stations please follow this link. You need a failsafe battery bank – trust Microtex – with complete and dependable reliability  and for an affordable price. At Microtex, we ensure we understand our customers’ needs to serve them better.

2 volt VRLA cells (AGM Batteries) performance details:

Self discharge : Less than 1% per week
 Shelf life before recharge required: 6 months pl refer instruction manual for storage requirements
 Operating temperatures : -20 deg c to +55 deg c
 Designed Float Life : 20 years
 Designed cycle life at 25 deg c: 
    – 4000 cycles at 20% depth of discharge
    – 2000 cycles at 50% depth of discharge
    – 1200 cycles at 80% depth of discharge

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