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Microtex SMF VRLA batteries for the UPS & inverter industry

For a wide range of applications - solar energy, telecom, solar inverter, switchgear & control panels, UPS & home inverters. Available in 12v battery monoblock containers from 40Ah to 200Ah

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12v SMF batteries

Microtex Sealed Maintenance Free 12v SMF VRLA battery


Microtex 12v SMF valve regulated vrla batteries with high power density use absorbent glass mat batteries and are available in a wide range from 7Ah to 200Ah. VRLA Batteries for the UPS & Inverter industry from Microtex are sealed maintenance free batteries and come with assured quality. Microtex incorporates battery research and design from years of its own experience and that of reputed European Battery Scientists, the Microtex SMF vrla series – delivers trouble free performance with an ultra-long life on float applications. They are supplied in charged condition.


Innovative Design

  • Robust & strong ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene) or PPCP (Polypropylene CoPolymer)  containers – does not leak in service
  • Designer VRLA lead alloys with specially formulated additives like, aluminium, calcium, tin, copper, for positive plates & negative plates to prevent premature failures due to corrosion 
  • Special plate design provides better & faster conductivity to the terminals minimising internal resistance losses
  • Calcium Lead Alloy grids provide for a superb oxygen recombination, maintenance free  performance
  • Hardened lead alloys for terminal posts – eliminates melting
  • Accurately Balanced Active Materials ensure long life & trouble free performance
  • Specially designed Valve Regulated Vent Plugs from with precise opening & closing at defined pressures  
  • Batteries are supplied with factory pre formed plates. This ensures for reliable performance and no excess cycling required in the field to obtain rated capacity. Saves time for critical users.
  • Pre-formed plates for superior performance

Benefits for you

We asked our customers what features of a 12v battery are important to them. This is what they told us:

    • Efficiency: You want a 12v SMF battery made to last
    • Reliability: Peace of mind that the power supply will remain constant; longer discharges
    • Design: A design of battery that specifically fits your needs of deep cycling
    • Durability: heavy duty, coupled with deep discharge cycle capabilities
    • Price: A realistic, but competitive price for a superior product
    • Delivery: On time, every time; Guaranteed
    • After sales: A fully committed customer care service that solves issues quickly and efficiently

      With Microtex batteries, we supply all of that and more

Microtex 12v SMF batteries were designed and developed in house through extensive research. Microtex 12v SMF batteries are offered in robust PPCP (Polypropylene CoPolymer) containers in the standard  range @ c10 & dimensions:

  •  MP7.2-12    12v 7.2Ah      L 151mm x  W 65 mm x H 100 mm      wt  2.30 kgs
  • MP    9-12    12v 9Ah         L 151mm x  W 65 mm x H 100 mm       wt  2.70 kgs
  • MP  12-12    12v 12Ah       L 151mm x  W 98 mm x H 100 mm       wt  4.30 kgs
  • MP  18-12    12v 18Ah       L 181mm x  W 76 mm x H 167 mm       wt  6.60 kgs
  • MP  24-12    12v 24Ah       L 166 mm x  W 175 mm x H 125 mm    wt  9.00 kgs
  • MP  33-12    12v  33Ah      L 197 mm x  W 165 mm x H 172 mm   wt  13.40 kgs
  • MP  42-12    12v  42Ah      L 197 mm x  W 165 mm x H 172 mm   wt  14.00 kgs
  • MP  65-12    12v   65Ah      L 350 mm x  W 166 mm x H 174 mm  wt  21.30 kgs
  • MP100-12    12v 100Ah     L 329 mm x  W 174 mm x H 214 mm   wt  33.50 kgs
  • MP120-12    12v 120Ah     L 407 mm x  W 173 mm x H 235 mm    wt  37.60 kgs
  • MP150-12    12v 150Ah     L 483 mm x  W 170 mm x H 241 mm    wt  46.30 kgs
  • MP200-12    12v 200Ah     L 522 mm x  W 240 mm x H 218 mm    wt  62.00 kgs

Microtex SMF VRLA batteries meet stringent International Standards. Microtex SMF batteries battery comply with

  • JIS C 8702-1
  • IEC 60896 Part 21-22
  • IS 15549:2005

Our labs are equipped with  state-of-the-art high-quality life-cycle testers from world-class suppliers Bitrode and Digatron to ensure our batteries stand meet the required electrical parameters to the test of time.

Microtex is an ISO certified company 

  • ISO  9001:2015 
  • ISO 14001:2015

      (click to view certificate)

  • For bulk orders, 12v SMF batteries are supplied packed suitably for transport on standard pallets
  • Instruction & maintenance  manual
  • Charging manual
  • Test Certificate
  • Peace of mind with our dedicated all India service support

Although 12v SMF batteries are sealed maintenance free, for large battery banks, it is a good idea to perform a regular voltage recording of each individual battery & perform an equalizing charge once a year to balance all the cells in the battery bank. This ensure a long service life.

We shall be happy to maintain your battery banks and help protect your investment. Call us now to schedule a free health check up of your 12v TGel battery              +91 99020 30816

Please provide us with the following information to ensure that you receive the right product for years of great performance:

  • What is the Voltage & Capacity of the Battery
  • Number of batteries per system/Bank
  • Are Maintenance tools required,  if yes name the items
  • Are stands required, If so Sal wood or Mild Steel

If you would like us to do the “Sizing of the Batteries”, please provide the below details

  1. UPS/Inverter Rating
  2. Total load of the backup system
  3. Total DC voltage of the system
  4. Number of backup hours required
  5. Mean ambient temperature


Microtex 12v SMF batteries meet
stringent international standards


We manufacture the complete battery & the components in house!

Microtex produces the specially designed lead alloys, lead oxides, grid castings, pasted plates, injection molded containers, multi-tubular gauntlets, PVC separators in house, and produces the complete battery using state-of-the-art industry standard battery making machinery. Our batteries are built with proven designs and undergo complete life cycle testing to international norms before they are offered to the market. The electrical lab is complete with high quality LCT from world class suppliers Bitrode and Digatron.

Microtex VRLA monobloc battery

Microtex 12v valve regulated vrla batteries with high power density use absorbent glass mat batteries and are available in a wide range from 7Ah to 200Ah. VRLA Batteries for the UPS & Inverter industry from Microtex are sealed maintenance free batteries and come with assured quality.

Microtex incorporates battery research and design from years of its own experience and that of reputed European Battery Scientists

Established in 1969

Exporting Batteries to
27 countries since 1977!

Customer Testimonials

default image

It is very nice to experience. for us to have such a detailed visit of M/s Microtex Energy (P) Ltd facilities at Peenya, Bangalore. We found very useful and the people accompanied and explained all the processes in detail and to our satisfaction. We wish every success in their all endeavours. V Subba Rao NPCIL Mumbai

V Subba Rao, AEE NPCIL Mumbai Nuclear Power Corporation of India August 6, 2019

default image

It is good to see the environment-friendly technology adopted to make the employees feel safe in working in otherwise hazardous industry. I congratulate Shri Govindan for the efforts made by him during recent years. Perhaps other lead related industries will have something to learn from this unit. Sadashivaiah, Chairman KSPCB

A. S. Sadashivaiah Chairman, KSPCB Bengaluru July 30, 2019

default image

We thank Mr Ravi Govindan and his team for taking us around the plant and explaining to us in-depth the care taken in manufacturing batteries. We are very impressed by their dedication to quality and look forward to jointly develop Deep Cycle Batteries and Battery Management Systems for Off-Road and Solar applications.

Mohan Rao, Millitronic Devices OPC Pvt. Ltd. Director Bengaluru August 14, 2019

default image

This is to certify that Microtex Traction Battery, Type 48v 553Ah supplied by you in the year 2008 in 3 ton electric forklift is working in good condition and performance is satisfactory. We are getting good service support from Microtex

Guindy Machine Tools Limited Manager Chennai July 4, 2019

default image

It is a pleasure seeing such a nice plant, with so many dedicated officials, who are excellent in their field. Their range of products, quality control & in house facilities are really commendable. Moreover, the factory is very clean & neat. I wish all the best to Microtex. R K Dash CMM/SRly

R K Dash Chief Materials Manager Chennai July 30, 2019

Our 12v SMF batteries for the UPS never let you down!

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