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Sizing of batteries

Sizing of batteries - for Solar Dr Michael McDonagh is a leading battery expert Introduction ​ The use of solar off-grid energy supply is becoming increasingly popular for domestic, industrial and municipal applications. Due to the variable nature of renewable energy sources, many of the installations include an energy storage system to enable supply for peak demands and when energy generation is limited. There are alternative storage technologies but the method of calculating the size of the lead acid battery required [...]


PVC Battery Separators

PVC Battery Separators -An overview of characteristics, manufacture & test methods. PVC battery separators are microporous diaphragms placed between the negative and positive plates of lead acid batteries to prevent any contact between them to avoid internal short circuit but at the same time allow free circulation of the electrolyte. This kind of Separators has a maximum pore size of less than 50 micron meter and lower electrical resistance of less than 0.16 ohm / cm sq. PVC separators are uniform [...]


What is a VRLA Battery?

What is a VRLA Battery? One of the major drawbacks with charging a flooded lead acid battery is the breakdown and loss of water through hydrogen and oxygen release. This has more than one negative implication for the safe use and operation of all types of lead acid batteries. The release of potentially explosive mixtures of hydrogen and oxygen in confined spaces and the constant topping up of batteries or cells with distilled water are costly problems for the battery [...]