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Team Microtex
Microtex factory team

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  • “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” -Henry Ford

    Microtex has One Team, One factory. Better quality controls in one plant in Bangalore in a modern battery manufacturing facility to produce Industrial Lead Acid Batteries & Cells.
    Spread over 5 Acres of land, Microtex has a fully backward integrated manufacturing facility to produce every component from Lead alloys, to Separators, to Injection moulded containers, to Woven Polyester Gauntlets to every component in the battery.

    Over the years, Microtex has continuously evolved to best serve our Customer’s needs. However, throughout it all, one thing has always remained the same – to employ only the brightest and most committed, talented people to bring the heart and passion to our company. Take a few minutes to learn more about our team below. Our highly experienced team are experts in the design, manufacture and production of lead acid batteries. With the combined years of experience our team can spot a defect in the process at the slightest possible situation and immediately correct it, thanks to their immense commitment and dedication to produce a high quality lead acid battery, be it a 2v cell or a huge mining locomotive battery.

Microtex Team

Absolutely teamwork

Balraj R VP Operations Microtex
Vice President Operations

R Balraj

“An extremely competent engineer, with great working knowledge on process controls & designs. Balraj handles operations to keep customers delighted , he is with microtex for 34 years & is a pillar of the organisation”

Chief Technical Officer

Dr Michael McDonagh

Dr Michael McDonagh holds a BsC and PhD in Metallurgy and Materials science from the University of Nottingham. He has worked in the energy storage and battery industry since 1977. His broad experience covers design, manufacturing and applications of both lead acid and lithium ion batteries. His experience is both practical hands on as well as well as thoroughly grounded in electrochemical and materials science. He is associated with Microtex since 2011 and is a great source of inspiration & strength, guiding technology for Microtex.

Dr Mike
Vidhadharan GM Mysore Thermo
General Manager - Plant

E K Vidyadharan

“With multi faceted skills, including operations, quality & production, Vidhyadharan has been a pillar of the organization with 28 years of dedicated service in Microtex.”

General Manager - Finance & Accounts

Ravichandran R

” An experienced Finance person with 3 degrees to his credit, CA, CS & ICWA, & pursuing a PhD Ravichandran is always having a solution to everything. He has 34 years of experience”

Ravichandran Microtex
Vani Kannan
Dy Manager Accounts

Vani K

” She is an industrious personality with a sharp accounting acumen. A great teamplayer, Vani is with Microtex for 15 committed years

Chief Manager - Plant

Padmanabha N

” He is an expert in processes and handles production with a gusto. Always smiling, he is with Microtex since 14 years”

Padmanabha N
Anto M T
Asst Manager Commercial

Anto M T

“An experienced professional in commercial matters, 4 years in Microtex, Anto handles our commercial “

Dy Manager Sales

M Subodh

” A charming young man, 24 years with Microtex, he is always dedicated to the customers needs, “

M Subodh Microtex
Subramanya HR Microtex
Manager Service

H R Subramanya

“He is always concerned about our customers to ensure they are happy at all times. He is responsible for customer services and is with Microtex for 14 commendable years”

Asst Manager Design & Testing

Manjunath N B

” Is a dedicated team player, taking care of the electrical testing laboratories to meet stringent customer evaluation requirements. He is also responsible for design & development & is with microtex for 14 years “

Manjunath N B Microtex

Forward thinking

Microtex Team
Microtex Team
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