Please spare a moment to help Microtex keep our planet green

"We do not inherit the earth from our parents; it is a loan from our children"

A request from all of us at Microtex! 

Microtex clean & green batteries

We have lovingly packed and sent a tree sapling along with your ordered Microtex Traction Battery. This is a gift from us and we would be really happy if you could, plant the tree sapling, in your nearby vicinity (alongwith the soil around the root) , where you can water it for 2 years, once a week.

Microtex has been providing along with each & every traction battery sold to our customers all over India, for the last 3 years, a tree sapling of Tabebuia argentea commonly known as Golden Trumpet or Golden Bell tree of about 3 to 4 ft well-grown. Our customers response have been so overwhelming that many have started the same movement! 

We request you to kindly plant the sapling in a place close to you so you can look after it for 2 years after which this plant hardly needs any attention. It blooms lovely yellow flowers from February – April and is a sight to behold! Growing to a height of 10 – 12 meters with a spread of 6 – 8 meters, it lives usually hundreds of years, – the prime reason we chose this plant. 

We will be honoured if you would kindly upload a picture of the planted sapling & your thoughts on this. It will go a long way to motivate others to follow. Once we receive your photo, as a token of sincere thanks, we shall share a free gift coupon of 2% off on your next purchase of a Microtex traction battery. Thank you for being a Microtex customer, we value your business. Ravi Govindan & Team Microtex

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