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Microtex - Sustainability, Environment & CSR

   We leave a greener earth for our future generations.

Microtex clean & green batteries

Only the best, for the future

Silver Trumpet

Tabebuia Argentea Tree Saplings

Green environment 


  • Microtex provides a sapling with every traction battery sold. We have selected the Tabebuia argentea as it grows easily in our country, growing to a height of over 20 metres requiring very little maintenance, it lives for hundreds of years. The tree has a lovely bloom of golden yellow flowers 

Microtex environment policy- green & clean

  • In our endeavour to manufacture and supply high quality lead acid batteries to the world, we have been consistent in our efforts to minimise our carbon footprint and continuously take measure to make our environment green
Microtex Factory view

Microtex environment policy- green & clean

We at Microtex Energy P Ltd., are committed to minimizing the adverse impacts of our activities on the environment.  Towards this mission, we shall strive to continually improve the environment by: 

  • Establishing relevant environment objectives, targets and implement programs to support these objectives
  • Use environmentally friendly technologies & practices for prevention of Air, Water & Land pollution
  • Conserve natural resources and energy like lead, water, oil and electricity by minimizing their consumption & wastage
  • Minimize wastage generation during the process; enhance recovery and recycle   of lead and lead compounds
  • Anticipate and prevent accidents and emergency situations related to the environment and human life
  • Plant trees; develop greenbelts in and around our manufacturing locations.
  • Build awareness amongst our work force, customers, suppliers & contractors on Environmental issues by means of training
  • Comply with all applicable legal / regulatory requirements & other identified environmental requirements

Green environment

Microtex strongly believes in maintaining and leaving behind a Green environment for the next generation. To this end, we have taken up many green projects in different areas. One of the initiatives we have adopted is, providing a Tree Sapling with every Traction Battery sold by us, with a letter to the customer personally requesting them to plant this sapling in their neighbourhood in support of our green movement.

Microtex is committed to the corporate social responsibilities cause and has been complying with this statutory requirement every year, with various initiatives to promote health and education in rural villages in Karnataka. Seen in the picture is a dining hall for children, under construction in a rural school: 

  • Promoting Education in Rural Schools in Karnataka
  • Microtex works closely with Government run schools in rural areas to provide amenities and facilities such as school benches, cupboards & bureaus, tables & chairs for the teachers, school bags, ties, belts, chairs, tables, cooking ware, grinders, mixers, water filters, utensils, etc
  • Construction of dining halls so the school children can have a comfortable place to have their food, in a hot or rainy day.
  • Microtex have partnered with Nimhans hospital for their cVeda project to help in their cause of mental health
  • Microtex is closely associated with Rotary club of Peenya, to fund underprivileged kidney patients to undergo free dialysis in a modern state-of-art medical dialysis  centre in Rajajinagar.
  • Microtex is assisting a Government school in Sadahalli village, Chikkabalapur district near Bengaluru to build a dining room facility.
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