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Microtex Corporate social responsibility

CSR Policy

  • Microtex takes corporate social responsibility very seriously. Microtex is committed to the social responsibilities and has been complying with this statutory requirement, with various initiatives to promote health and  education in rural villages in Karnataka. Follow this link to download our CSR Policy.

Microtex Corporate Social Report

A Leading manufacturer of Industrial Lead Acid Batteries with a pristine record of having extremely cordial relationships with its employees, stakeholders and business partners .

  • Every employee has a right to have a grievance addressed and resolved. 
  • We at Microtex have an open policy to be accessible to every employee to hear & resolve any issues.
  • Microtex has a well established ICC policy governed and managed by a team comprising of the requirements of the governing laws in India.
Microtex Corporate social responsibility

Shareholder information

A Leading manufacturer of Industrial Lead Acid Batteries for Railways, Telecom, Electricity Substations, Nuclear Applications, Solar battery, 2v battery for Stationary applications, Traction Battery for Forklift and Materials Handling Equipment.

Microtex Energy Private Limited

Shareholder information

FY 2019-20

  • Notice for meetings of members will be posted below. Click on the link to download the notice. Notices will be removed after the meeting is conducted.

    1. Notice of AGM meeting on 18th September 2019 to members


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