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  • Reputation – with very satisfied customers like multi national companies, Indian Railways, BSNL Telecom, Nuclear industry, microtex enjoys a high reputation for great quality batteries
  • 50 years – in business & successful in a tough difficult market
  • Outstanding quality – we have control over production of most of the components, because we make them in house
  • Family Business – we are a small family business & flexible. We can modify a  standard product to accommodate individual customers requirements 
  • Responsive – we are responsive & reachable! you don’t have to go through administrative staff to resolve a problem 
  • International Battery Expertise – We have used Top European Battery Industry Experts to design our batteries & the processes to European standards
  • Our own in house elaborate Electrical & Chemical Testing laboratories meeting international standards 
  • Lab to analyse battery failure – we use this information to improve the quality & this is a constant process in pursuit of high quality
  • High purity Raw materials – we use high purity lead, lead alloys, pvc resin, copper, agm separators, silica from the best of manufacturers
  • Relationships – we don’t just sell a battery – we build relationships actively & it is our policy to do that, to ensure each & every customer is satisfied, in fact we prefer to have partners rather than customers. 
G1 Energy Solutions

M A Sajjan

“We are using Microtex Batteries & are satisfied with quality & delivery, performance. We certify performance is excellent “

NPCIL Bangalore

S Chandrika Mrs.

” We are very thankful to Microtex team for providing all data for our evaluation. Microtex have a good technical team for discussion.”


T Kato

” Good Factory!. “


V Sudhakar

“It is a very nice experience for us to have such a detailed visit of Microtex facilities at Peenya. We found it very useful & the people accompanied & explained each process in detail & to our satisfaction. We wish every success in their all endeavours”


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