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When you need a failsafe battery bank - Trust Microtex OPzS

Microtex Advanced Calcium OPzS 2v batteries with high power density are available for Power Generation, Hydro-electric, Nuclear Stations, Solar, offshore rigs, petrochemical complexes in transparent SAN containers from 100Ah to 3000Ah
Microtex has been manufacturing OPzS batteries since 2007 for standby battery applications meeting European norms.
In the nuclear power plants, hydro & thermal power stations, offshore rigs, large solar installations, and telecom industries it is advantageous to see the internal condition of a battery. That’s where our OPzS flooded transparent container batteries come to the fore. With their rugged construction, high-quality component parts, and easy maintenance properties, our batteries make sense. SAN, (or Styrene Acrylonitrile) is a copolymer with excellent chemical and temperature resistance. Tubular plate flooded lead-acid batteries are manufactured with unique calcium alloys which perform well in both high cycling and float applications to deliver full capacity at critical moments when required.
Microtex offers Calcium-Plus Standby-Power cells: An OPzS series, with capacities ranging from 100Ah to 3000Ah. All our battery cells are manufactured using state of the art components for reduced maintenance and extended battery life.
We manufacture the entire battery in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Bengaluru, India. We manufacture the Lead alloys, battery containers, Grid Castings, Oxides, Woven Gauntlets, Tubular plates, negative pasted plates, separators and this is a very unique battery plant having complete control on all the components being manufactured in house – gives us the edge on quality as we don’t have to depend on outside suppliers for quality products.
What are OPzS Batteries?
OPzS are standby batteries and is generally used to refer Tubular lead Acid Batteries in Transparent SAN containers. These batteries have a cell voltage of 2 volts and connected together to obtain higher voltages, usually used in Power Generating Stations & Substation, Oil & Gas, Nuclear Facilities, Solar and Standby applications

MICROTEX Calcium Plus OPzS BATTERY: The Superior Standby Power Battery Manufacturer – Trusted by the Nuclear Power Industry in India

High Credentials:

Microtex with its unique manufacturing facilities, which produce in-house the specially designed lead alloys, lead oxides, grid castings, pasted plates, injection molded containers, multi-tubular gauntlets, PVC separators, produces the complete battery using state of the art industry standard battery making machinery.Designs are proven and tested for complete life cycle testing to international norms before the batteries are offered to the market. The electrical lab is complete with high-quality LCT from world class suppliers Bitrode and Digatron.Microtex, Calcium Plus OPzS Batteries are exported, to various countries and have proven their reliability and trustworthiness for dependable power sources in standby applications.

What sets our OPzS Battery apart from the competition?

Packed with Features: MICROTEX – OPzS Battery 

  • Specially designed Calcium lead alloys for positive and Low antimony selenium alloys negative grids, provides better current conductivity to the terminals with lower internal resistance. Presence of Tin and special grain refiners ensure a high performance plates resistant to grid corrosion.

  • The special Calcium alloys prevent water loss and reduces the watering intervals in usage, this is a big positive factor for the maintenance team

  • High efficiency with accurate and optimum balanced active materials, provide consistent capacity reliably.

  • Tubular Spine grids with a Diameter 3.20 mm cast at over 150 bar pressure in high Pressure Die casting machines for positive plates, ensures the lead is packed with high density which resists acid corrosion – ensures the life of 20 years in the positive plates which usually are otherwise prone to corrosion.

  • Designer Ceramic Vent plugs to trap water and allow only gases to pass through – minimizes water loss in the cell.

  • High impact ABS cover with large polarity indication enhances cell safety and easy visual of terminal polarity

  • Hardened lead alloy with copper insert terminal posts – provide faster conductivity and fail proof connections requiring less maintenance

  • It is normal for the plates to grow on both sides, vertical & horizontal during the service life of the battery usually occurring noticeably towards the 7th year of service. To accomodate this growth Microtex have designed a unique (Patent applied for), Smart Terminal pole bushing with rubber grommets, stops acid creep and corrosion and allows for movement upwards without causing breakage to the cover, which is a common mode of failure in these type of batteries.

  • Batteries are supplied with factory pre formed plates. This ensure for reliable performance and no excess cycling required in the field to obtain rated capacity. Saves time for critical users.

  • Batteries if required can be supplied with Seismic qualified stands with special acid proof coating.

  • Microtex OPzS Batteries generally conform to DIN 40 736 part 1, IS1651-1993, Tests according to IEC 60 896-11 and safety standards, ventilation DIN EN 50 272-2

  • Microtex is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company.​​

Constructional Features of OPzS Battery

  1. TOP UP ONCE A YEAR – reduced maintenance
  2. LONGER DISCHARGE TIME – dependable when needed
  • Designer Calcium Lead Alloys​ : with special grain refiners, prevent grid growth & corrosion

  • Thicker Spine Grids : Cast at 150 bar pressures, More density lead, more life. Long lasting battery for you

  • DIN Design : German designs, for Indian conditions

  • Special Moving Pole Bushing : Allows for creep, totally eliminating cover cracks

  • Balanced Active Materials : Optimum design for complete reliability throughout service life

  • Imported Containers : Transparent SAN containers allow for visual inspection of battery condition

  • Special Ceramic Vent Plug : Porous Ceramic body provide better retention of acid aerosols and water vapour; ensures water is always available inside the cell​. In addition they have explosion inhibiting properties. Hydrogen & oxygen gases are developed in the overcharge phase creating highly explosive gases which could escape from the cell. In case of spark from outside the cell, the flame will be arrested by the porous ceramic.

Typical Applications for Flooded SAN Container OPzS Batteries

  • Nuclear power plants
  • Thermal Power Stations
  • Hydro Power Generation Stations
  • Switchgear and control applications
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Hydropower
  • Solar photovoltaic power
  • Large UPS systems
  • Offshore oil rigs
  • Telecommunications

On an interesting note..

OPzS Definition is derived and stands for

O – Ortsfest in German means Stationary

Pz – PanzerPlate means Tubular plate (for sturdy and robust)

S – Stands for Flussig or Flooded

We shall be happy to perform a free health check up inspection if you are in India, of your OPzS battery banks and help protect your investment – 

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