Month: May 2020

2v OPzS Battery

Stationary batteries are referred to batteries that are not moved from where it is installed. These batteries are usually installed as a battery backup in telecommunications, electricity sub-stations, off-grid solar applications, nuclear power generating stations, large ups installations etc..

Battery Sulfation

What is battery sulfation? How does battery sulfation occur? Battery sulfation occurs when a battery is undercharged or deprived of a full charge. Every time we don’t complete a full charge,  it adds to the build-up of sulfates. What is battery sulfation? It is normal in a battery for small sulfate crystals to form during …

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flat plate battery vs tubular battery

The life of a flat plate battery is lower when compared to a tubular battery. Flat plate batteries can easily shed their active material over time. The lead wires in the flat plate electrode are more easily attacked by the acid over time causing grid corrosion

Lead acid battery advantages

Well established technology. Many of the teething problems in any new technology have been resolved many decades ago. Robust and predictable battery technology as at present

Winter storage of battery

The first step is to charge the battery fully preferably from an external source.
Disconnect the battery terminals and keep the top of the battery and terminals clean. If there is any acid on top of the cover, leakage current will flow continuously and discharge the battery partially.
Leave the vehicle in the shade to avoid heating up which increases self-discharge and capacity loss.

battery needs replacement

A battery is an important component of a car & often a neglected item. The need for a replacement battery announces itself without warning for many of us and can cause much inconvenience at unexpected moments. Watch out for these 7 telltale signs and you can predict e

Charging battery in cold climate

When the temperature of the electrolyte increase or decreases, the charging voltage needs adjustment from the usual setting/practices. For a full charge or float charge,

Lead-acid battery undergoes self-discharge of 1% per month for antimonial battery and much less for lead-calcium. The float charge current should be just adequate to compensate for the loss of capacity on self-discharge.

How to calculate Battery Capacity?

The battery capacity required for specific application can be calculated in the following manner. Let us take the example of

Inverter battery

An inverter battery is expected to work during power cuts, power outages. The duration

2v 800 OPzV Battery Bank

Tubular Gel Valve Regulated lead Acid Battery are lead acid batteries with tubular positive plates for cyclic applications and it is sealed for its service life and are maintenance free. The Gel is manufactured in a secret recipe with German technology, where the electrolyte is jellified in a fumed silica base.

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